1. Steve300

    Best Tyres for Front Grip

    I've had my 2017 Cupra 300 DSG since November last year. It's got Bridgestone 235/35 r19 tyres on the front. Although the front end grip round corners is awesome I find that they let go too easily from a standing start so that the traction control kicks in. Apart from that making it feel like...
  2. Marts123

    tyres wanted

    hey, i'm looking for a full set of tyres size 225/40/18 if you have any please let me know thanks
  3. Lease - tyre upgrade

    Hi, after people’s opinions/advice. I have a Cupra 290 on order on a lease with ZenAuto and I’m considering putting Michelin PS4s on it straight away - do you think A) it’s worth doing this considering it’s a lease car and B) it’s worth swapping out brand new tyres straight away - is it that...
  4. Rookiereece

    Pirelli P-zeros?

    Can anyone recommend them, I imagine they will be an Upgrade from the cheap Chinese grenlanders I currently have :cheeky:
  5. Winter wheels and tyres: HELP!

    Hi all. Apologies if this has been covered before. I've got an Ibiza FR115 Sport DSG. Loving the car in almost every way (bar a really annoying rattle from the parcel shelf somewhere and an occasionally stubborn infotainment screen esp when loading AA) The issue I have is trying to get a...
  6. Alloys and tyre sizes

    Hi, Looking for some advice regarding alloys and tyre sizes. Not going to lie completely clueless when it comes to this. The mrs owns a 2015 leon 1.2 tsi that has 16inch wheels on them and she is wanting some new alloys. She is looking to get 18inch alloys but unsure what size offset and...
  7. OJ9693

    Rim width question about tyre width max/min

    I'm looking for some alloys and the current tyres i have are almost brand new so i wish to just purchase alloys and do a straight swap. I've found some alloys on Ebay but the rim width is 7" where as my tyres are 225 (7.5J) which is what i was originally looking for but these are really nice...
  8. Winter or All Season Tyres?

    Recently bought another set of wheels to use for winter but I'm not sure whether to get some winter or all season tyres for them. I live on the east coast of Northern Ireland, relatively near the sea so I don't get huge amounts of snow in the winter, mostly rain and sleet so I'm sure if...
  9. 205 or 215 tyres on 17's

    ok, so i know there are loads of threads on the subject of 17's and lowering, but I've done a search and its left me a bit unsure! Picking up some 17's tomorrow (leon starsfish :D) and will be needing to change the tyres on them. I intend to the lower the car on springs and shocks, say -35mmm...
  10. Toyo Proxes T1R v Uniroyal Rainsports tyres v Goodyear Eagle

    What are peoples thoughts on the above and if you've owned more than one of them, which was better and why? Road noise, grip in dry and in wet...stuff like that :) Toyos and Uniroyal can be had for £340 fitted, the Goodyears are £370 fitted... Let me know :)
  11. Nitrogen filled tyres!

    just been looking for a good price on some pirelli rosso tyres and have seen the option to have them filled with nitrogen??? I have never seen this before. Apparantley it improves liife of the tyre. . Has anyone had this? Any views on this? Thanks chris
  12. Best tyres for 04 leon cupra tdi and does anyone have a TDI tuning box fitted?

    Hi Can anyone please tell me if they have fitted Toyo T1R tyres to the leon cupra tdi. Are they any good? If not, what tyres are good. My front tyres are starting to ressemble slicks now so any advice would be much appreciated. Also, was thinking of plugging in a TDi tuning box, approx £80...
  13. Tyres Again - Uniroyal Rainsport 2 Vs Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta - Opinions?

    Right, I need to replace all 4 tyres on my Mk1 TDi FR, existing Khumos & Michelins are f*cked & also now seem to be shaped like 50pence pieces! I've pretty much decided to go for either the uniroyal Rainsport 2's or the Sessanta's. I would be interested to hear any opinions on either tyre &...
  14. Dave_R

    Front Spacers with 205 tyres?

    Went to fit my R888's this afternoon, placed them upto the front hubs and the tyre is sitting on my coilover! [:@] Went to get a 3mm spacer and guess what isn't enough :censored: So once I accepted that I wasn't getting the front wheels on I went to try the rear to find that the wheel...
  15. What tyres do you have?

    Just wondering what tyres people have on there cupra r and what you would recommend? I have had Falken FK452 - good tyre but changing every 10K (20k a year driving) - on a tight budget (ish) and need a tyre that will last longer Has anyone brought used tyres or tyres from ebay - searched...
  16. Hankook RS2 tyres

    Has anyone used Hankook RS2 tyres, any comments? Im considering these as Toyo R1R is so bloody expensive and I think these might be stickier then the forum favourite Eagle F1 assy's. Any other good tyre alternative to have great dry straight line traction?
  17. Grat


    Hey folks just wondering if anyone can help i bought 2 new tyres a couple of months ago from a website called tyre traders they are toyo proxes t1r 225/40/18 but just been on the website to order another 2 and they don't seem to have them now :( Im just wondering if anyone knows anywhere else...
  18. dav

    Good everyday tyres

    As above looking at good everyday tyres. I currently have pirelli p-zero rossos. But I will have to change soon I think. Looking for opinions. I won't be going on a track anytime soon but like a twisty road run! Yokohama spec 2's are well priced but are they going to be too soft for...
  19. Ape

    Tyres for the Summer

    Hi Folks, I've just been reading the thread about everyday tyres and what people tend to choose. But.. What about the most suitable tyre for weekend use / track use? I'm lucky enough that I have a company car as well as my LCR, so the Leon only gets used at weekends, and on trackdays /...
  20. tyres for every day use

    what would be a good set of tyres for normal day use ?
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