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  1. t0m

    LCR rear spoiler - unhinged?

    Gave the lcr a wash today, and noticed that the rear spoiler has unhinged itself! :confused: on the passenger side... I've only had it a month and it wasn't like this when I bought it (whole bodywork was inspected) I tried pushing it back down but couldn't see where it hinges/clips? I...
  2. C11PRA DC

    Changing rear disks/pads - Advice please!

    Hi all, I'am going to be changing the rear disks and pads on an 05 Altea 2L TDi PD and wondered if anyone could give me a heads up to any problems I may encounter! Without a haynes manual I'am a little lost at the correct procedure/torques! - could someone please enlighten me! Cheers...
  3. chunky monkey

    Altea - Replacement Rear Wiper

    I have been looking through older posts about the rear wiper for the Altea, and none give part numbers for a direct replacement wiper. Someone must make one by now, I tried the Halfords WA27 today, but it was 2" shorter than current blade, my wiper is 13"... Hellfords advised Bosch now...
  4. Leon tdi fr 150. Rear wheel bearing diy guide

    Hello all. Firstly sorry if It has already been posted on here but does anyone have a DIY guide for replacing a rear wheel bearing on my Mk1 leon tdi 05 plate. I am told the part is a full unit ie: not just the bearing that are changed but the part bolts onto the hub! I think! thanks. ;)
  5. 8bit

    Condensation inside of rear windscreen, usual problem?

    Hi all, Picking up my Leon Cupra R 225 at the weekend. Noticed a bit of condensation on the inside of the rear windscreen, not the front or rear side windows as I gather from on here is a common problem. Dealer said it was just because it had been raining the day I drove it and adjusting...
  6. 65coupe

    rear door glass removal - Leon Mk1

    Anyone know how the door glass attaches to the window carrier in a Mk1 Leon Cupra?? (It's not a screw into the carrier because I can see it - it looks like some kind of plastic push in/push out lug, but knowing how expensive these things generally are:wtf:, I don't want to force it)...
  7. Subaru rear wing on Cordoba - acceptable Modification?

    My 2.0 SX 1999 model has a Subaru rear wing ('93 to '00 spec I think?) and I saw similar on a mutli coloured rally replica on ebay recently (which I thought looked pretty cool) and was wondering is this an acceptable modification to a Cordoba? I was thinking it should be binned as it's a...
  8. Rear wiper conversion

    My rear wipers just above useless and the cover is missing so taking the opportunity to upgrade to either a Fabia or VW aero one. I've seen the fabia sets on fleabay for £20 which I like the look of, but I'm thinking the Aero ones look smarter. The Polo aero one is as follows. Is this...
  9. FR/Cupra Rear Tail Lights

    I have a 2007 black ibiza formula sport and I am looking to do a couple of bits to smarten it up (plus my mate just got one in grey so want mine to look different). Does anyone know where I can get the rear lights that come on the FR and Cupra from? I have already bought what I thought were...
  10. Rear disc rust on LCR

    Hi Had some new discs and pads fitted to the rear of my LCR about 3k miles ago, there is now a circle of rust nearest the hub as if the pad isn't big enough for the disc, as they were fitted by a fast fit place I have just been to SEAT with my vin and brough some pads, i have married them up to...
  11. martin CR

    Skoda rear wiper centre cover part number?

    Hi, I had a Skoda rear wiper on our Cupra R and someone has taken the plastic cover that goes over the nut, can anyone remember the part number for this? as I can't but I know I gave two part numbers to Skoda, one for the arm and one for this cover. cheers Martin
  12. flegz16

    uprate rear brake discs, worth it?

    im going to be getting new brake discs for the front of my cupra, probably mtec grooved ones off ebay. is it worth getting a set for the rear as well? :confused:
  13. do rear discs need bearings?

    i ordered 2 rear discs for my 2.0 8v cupra (the hub type discs) and was wondering if they need bearings pressing into them? they have very odd looking bore inside the hub part of the discs. :confused: there seems to be 2 seperate bearings on the old ones, inside and outside.
  14. Removing rear Bumper on a FR

    Hi, Has anyone seen a guide or have pics of how to remove the rear bumper on an 06 Ibiza FR? I need to get mine off to fit a towbar Thanks
  15. fabia rear wiper

    Hi guys am trying to order a fabia rear wiper for my leon tdi but the guy at skoda seems to think it won't fit has anybody done this and if so do you know a part number am sure many on here have done this quoted me £30 does this sound about right cheers
  16. AntneeUK

    More Rear Washer Problems

    Can anyone more proficient in search point me in the right direction for problems with the rear-washer not working? I did a search in the Mk1 Leon forums for "rear washer" and the only problem that I can find is the one where you remove the panel in the boot where the internal light is and...
  17. Rear wiper?

    When i use the rear wiper on my car it goes from the start position to the other side of the screen with no problems but when it goes back to the start position it gets stuck a couple of times for a second or so. Does this mean that the motor has gone? Also i don't know how the rear washer...
  18. What LCR Rear tailpipe?

    I have done alot of thinking, I was intending on a non res Miltek cat back syatem for my LCR, Then I changed my mind as Its just too OEM for me, The tailpipes are std looking etc, Although I love the stealth look, I believe on pipes they could do with looking different, I like the...
  19. Help Mot fail can't open rear door

    Car fail Mot because can't open rear door does anyone have rear door assembly diagram didn't put it back properly when I replaced electric window motor regulator
  20. De-badging rear, yes or no?

    My rear badges on my car have gone somewhat rusted and green and don't look nice. My mate whos a car nut reckons I shuld take them off, give the area some elbow grease and t-cut, and then put a new I B I Z A badge across the middle of the rear like the newish ibizas do. Im worried though...
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