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Mk4 ibiza cupra/fr rear engine cover support bracket part no needed

May 3, 2004
Hey all,

I'm looking for some assistance from a helpful mk4 ibiza cupra/fr owner.

For some very strange reason, I have a component missing from my car, of which part numbers don't seem to exist, and SEAT are unable to get me a replacement. I can't find it on ETKA either.

In basic terms, it is the rear engine cover support bracket, closest to the dashboard/window, on top left hand side of the engine.

This pic/post has more info:

I basically need someone to look for part numbers on it (if any) and then I can compare with the ones Damo has (vain hope that they are different so I can see if SEAT can find something)

Possibly get me measurements/basic drawing of the bracket so that I could make one myself.

Can anyone assist?
Big thanks in advance!

May 3, 2004
Thanks Ric,

Dave @ Sere Motors has tried that, and not come up with anything. :(
Still hunting for this part - almost had one on ebay but the seller (scrappy) was being a right a*se about it.
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