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  1. Advice on DSG Issue

    Hey all, New to the forums and recently purchased a 10 plate boca. So the DSG box is acting up, 1,3 and 5 are fine, although it judders into first from a standing start. There is a rattle noise when in 2, 4 or 6 and reverse. The DSG current gear indicator is flashing. Has anybody had a...

    Lighting Changing Sidelights Bulbs **GUIDE**

    Right I know when I did this Char asked for a guide so I thought it was about time I got my bum in gear and got it done! Tools/Parts needed : Sidelight bulbs x4 (I have a sport model that needs 4) Hands Tissue or toilet paper Cup of tea ;-) Car used : 10 Plate Ibiza 1.4 SC Sport Time...
  3. General maintenance Handy things to know about your Ibiza MK5

    I keep looking through threads on this site and finding ouy loads of handy things about my ibiza. Thought it would be handy to have a place to put anything you find out. I was thinking things like the wiper service mode, coming home headlight function, the little button on the bottom of 1 of...
  4. 5509433

    Engine bay Fan Washer Jets - "How To" Guide

    Very easy mod to do. Almost needs no instruction. Difficulty - 1/5 Tools - Small blade screw driver Washer Jet...
  5. nightflight

    Lighting Mk5 Ibiza Bulb List

    Information originally compiled by ibizasc-chris (my notes in red) (Alt. bulb code in blue) extract from the manual. Double Headlamps: Bocanegra / Cupra / FR / Sport / SE / Ecomotive Dipped beam - H7 Long Life How To: Guide Main Beam - H7 Sidelights - 2x W5W Long Life 501 How To: Guide...
  6. nightflight

    Bumpers Guide - Removing Rear Bumper

    This isn't that difficult, time consuming, took me maybe 3 hours to remove and replace as an amateur (tbh, took slightly longer but that's because I had extra time figuring it out) This is on a 5dr but I don't see the being much/any difference between the versions, perhaps the 3dr might have 1...
  7. Ghost45

    Coding and programming OBDeleven encodings

    Hi everybody are welcome and I write this thread for helping everybody to make mods on your cars (Seat Ibiza 2019). I write here but I have tested in my Italian forum www.Ibizatuningclub.com all of these encodings written here. I ask to all of you to help me to discovered new codes and to have...
  8. Engine tuning and mapping Lucifer's Ultimate Guide 2: Tuning the 1.4TSI

    Ok, I'm back again after a rather mixed year of injury through to success (see another thread those who want to know) I have managed to create the first successful stage 3 1.4tsi in the UK, arguably the fastest road legal one in the World. It is well over 300bhp at the moment and the final dyno...
  9. nightflight

    Lighting 2012 Facelift Rear Lights

    SC part numbers: 6J3 945 095 M 6J3 945 096 M 6J3 945 095 L 6J3 945 096 L 6J3 945 095 K 6J3 945 096 K (Difference between K and L versions: one has the foglight on the left, one has the fog light on the right, although seems to be that only the M is now available, Will look into this and...
  10. JoshRedCupra

    Lighting How to Install Footwell LED's

    Installing LED footwell lights on Seat Ibiza Cupra These are the LED's I will be using: I picked them up off of Amazon for quite cheap but I know they are a decent quality. I've already run the wiring in on the passenger side it looks like this: Step 1 - Remove the fuse for the interior...
  11. turboboy

    Intercoolers Universal Intercooler Guide

    Ok guys and girls, welcome to my guide to fit a universal type intercooler to your mk5 cupra,Boc ,fr. My car is a facelift mk5 so there maybe some small differences but nothing major. You need 550x140x65mm intercooler 2x 90* bends with 57mm internal diameter 2x 57mm alloy joiners 4x 60-70...
  12. markmeus

    Lighting How to fit a W8 light in the Mk5 Ibiza

    What is it? The W8 light is an interior dome light that was fitted to the Passat W8 and some other VAG models. The main advantage it offers is backlit buttons, and ambient red LEDs that shine on the centre console, nice for adding a bit of class to the Ibiza. The W8 light contains 4 W5W bulbs...
  13. Body Panels Removing MK5 Ibiza front door trim

    I have knocked up a quick guide here, sorry for the poor pics and its basic look but should help you out should you want to remove the door trim. Before you start be aware this is quite tricky so take your time and think things through, last thing you want is a broken door glass or a locked door...
  14. SEAT Rule

    Servicing Service / oil inspection light (how to reset)

    Hi I own a 2015 Mk5 SEAT Ibiza that I serviced in September this year, but was having problems resetting the service / oil inspection light, but I managed to work it out in the end. Anyway the last job I had to do was turn off/reset the service inspection light, so I followed the procedure in...
  15. Hrkalo

    Cordoba stereo modification

    Hi peeps, im new to the forum, this is my first post :redface: :redface: I was wondering if anyone can help me about modifying my Cordoba 6k2 stereo like the guy in photo? I was searching everywhere, i dont know if its an easy job or no but i reaaaaly need help:crash: Maybe some wiring...
  16. Start up Issue

    Hello, I’ve noticed that recently my car has started idling at 1200-1250 RPM for a few minutes and makes a loud whirring noise, then sort of cuts out and stops. Anyone else experienced anything similar? Cheers
  17. Ibiza 6J FR Electric Folding Mirror Issues

    Hi all, I have a 2016 Ibiza FR which has wing mirrors which you can fold up/down using the dial next to the door handle and recently I've been having problems with the passenger side mirror. A couple of days ago after parking in the city I tried to fold them up and the driver side folded up...
  18. Front Lower Grille Replacement

    Hi, Been meaning to do this since I got the car. I want to replace the lower grille. I think I’ve found the right part, but I have no idea how to go about it. Has anyone done this before? 2006 Ibiza FR TDI 130 thanks
  19. Bumpers for 2010 SC

    Hey Gents, I have a 3 door Pre-facelift Seat Ibiza SC and I want to put a bumper like a boca on the rear and I'd like to ask if it was ever possible to fit the front bumper of a boca on my sportscoupe. If the answer of those two are yes then what would I need to know when Im fitting them together?
  20. Chelesty

    VCDS to enable rear speakers?

    Hellohello, I read you need to enable the front/rear crossfade in VCDS in case you don't have it. I'm planning on installing speakers in the rear doors of my 5 door 2014 Seat Ibiza. Am I correct in saying the HU will not power any rear speakers until the fade is enabled? Kind regards.
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