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  1. Ibiza 6J FR Electric Folding Mirror Issues

    Hi all, I have a 2016 Ibiza FR which has wing mirrors which you can fold up/down using the dial next to the door handle and recently I've been having problems with the passenger side mirror. A couple of days ago after parking in the city I tried to fold them up and the driver side folded up...
  2. Front Lower Grille Replacement

    Hi, Been meaning to do this since I got the car. I want to replace the lower grille. I think I’ve found the right part, but I have no idea how to go about it. Has anyone done this before? 2006 Ibiza FR TDI 130 thanks
  3. Bumpers for 2010 SC

    Hey Gents, I have a 3 door Pre-facelift Seat Ibiza SC and I want to put a bumper like a boca on the rear and I'd like to ask if it was ever possible to fit the front bumper of a boca on my sportscoupe. If the answer of those two are yes then what would I need to know when Im fitting them together?
  4. Chelesty

    VCDS to enable rear speakers?

    Hellohello, I read you need to enable the front/rear crossfade in VCDS in case you don't have it. I'm planning on installing speakers in the rear doors of my 5 door 2014 Seat Ibiza. Am I correct in saying the HU will not power any rear speakers until the fade is enabled? Kind regards.
  5. Seat ibiza Chassis

    Im yet to get my seat ibiza 2011 but I was wondering if the cupra R has the same chassis and if an engine swap would be possible?
  6. Smoking on downshift and decceleration

    Hey, Ibiza cupra 1.8T BBU engine. Smoke coming out of the exhaust mostly after downshifting within lower range of RPM (1500 to 2000). Lets say I am cruising at 5th gear, letting the car slow down by itself, downshifting to 4th, stopping at red light, pressing the throttle slightly and white...
  7. 5erious5am

    Accessory jacking point cover

    Hi, I'm looking for a drivers side ibiza accessory side skirt jacking point cover set. If anyone has a set for sale let me know, or if anyone knows where I could get hold of some it would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Ibiza ST 2014 - Cigarette Lighter - poss fuse blown

    Hi i need some advice, my cigarette lighter has decided to pack up, I've been through the forums and I've checked fuses 27, 40 and 42 but this hasn't sorted it out. The problem came about when i was checking fuses for a power steering problem that has since got sorted. Can anyone help/advise...
  9. Ibiza 2016 - Radio not responding after battery died

    I have Seat Ibiza 2016 with "Media System Touch/Color" basic system (pdf link). After my battery died (didn't start the car for a week) and I started it with a booster, the radio is "locked": I can't go to Radio. "Back" isn't working. No radio stations. Clicking "Scan" does nothing. The mini...
  10. After market mud flaps

    Hi all I’ve been looking into the common problems of my car recently and apparently rusty arches caused by wet mud is a real problem. I’ve been looking at mud flaps on eBay but a lot of them just say universal. Has anyone got any experience with them especially the cheaper ones and any...
  11. New Sportrider owner needs a sensecheck

    Hello, I am new to the forum so please be gentle. I have recently bought a 2012 Seat Ibiza (6J) 1.6 TDI Sportrider with 90k miles from a local dealer. I have a couple of questions please... 1. Heat - The car has been fitted with a new turbo after some issues with it before purchase. Went on a...
  12. Any suggestions welcome

    Hey guys. I have already used the search function and cannot find the answer I am looking for. Sorry if this is quite long. I drive a seat ibiza cupra tdi 2004. When I purchased the car 2 years ago all the work had already been carried out. Hybrid turbo etc. The Engine management light...
  13. Ibiza FR 2015 (6J) - Groaning noise when parked on incline / decline

    Hi all, Have tried to find answer but no luck yet. I’m driving a 2015 1.2 TSI Ibiza FR Black Edition - 32k miles. Whenever parked on an incline or decline with the handbrake engaged there is a loud groaning noise from what seems to be the underside of the car whenever you get in / out - This...
  14. Libby

    Seat Ibiza FR 2015 RADIO NOT WORKING

    I’m in desperate need of some help!! I was listening to music through Bluetooth in my car and my friend turned it up too fast and the radio turned off and wouldn’t come back on. The sat nav isn’t charging on the dashboard either. My partner has checked the fuses and he said they’re all fine...
  15. Coolant Issue

    Hi folks, I've got myself a 1.8tsi Ibiza Cupra. Owned it since around last October. Over time I've noticed something odd happening in the Expansion Tank. I first noticed the coolant level started to gradually drop over a few weeks, to the point it got a few CM under the min point, thought...
  16. Hazard Switch Relocation: Pinout and How To

    Hopefully this is allowed... I've posted this in another thread, but hadn't got round to actually trying it myself until this week. So, for anyone looking to relocate the hazard switch in order to fit another head unit, there is a very well written guide here (The guide is originally in...

    Hi All, I would appreciate some help right now. I took my car for its yearly MOT and Service two weeks ago and I was told the only issue was the break pads were over the limit and required changing. He was kind enough to pass the mot and put it as advisory as long as I immediately got them...
  18. Seat ibiza older to newer bumpers

    Hello guys I was wondering if it was possible to swap the older 2002-2005 seat ibiza bumper with the newer 2006-2008 bumper(front and rear and side if there is a difference)?
  19. Mk5 Ibiza turbo upgrade

    Hello, I was wondering what sort of turbo the mk5 ibiza had in it and also if putting one from a cupra leon in it would increase the performance. I will be getting it remapped after, but I just cant find what my current turbo is.
  20. Jack Latto

    Ibiza 6J problem!

    Hi guys, I really need some urgent help! So 6 month ago my ibiza 6J CAVE engine started white smoking and lost power. I then parked it up on my drive and tried to diagnose the problem. I had a snap on code reader put on it and it came back saying that the fueling wasn't correct. Could this be...
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