1. 2016 Ibiza Wing Mirror Cover Removal

    Someone just clipped my wing mirror and drove off. The glass and electronics all intact but the cover is scuffed. How do I get it off safely to replace with a new one? The paint work is damaged but it’s still properly fixed in place. Thanks
  2. Seat creaking...

    This is quite a difficult one to search for... as "Seat Ibiza" and "Ibiza seat" get a lot of hits :-) My Ibiza'a passenger seat has started creaking really badly if you lean back into it the top part makes a creaky noise I've had the seat apart but I cannot see a culprit - in fact, taking it...
  3. Dean Saunders

    Headlight Washer Cover Supercopa

    Hi all, My O/S headlight washer cover has fallen off my 62 plate Leon Supercopa and I’m having a hard time trying to get the correct replacement, Seat have sent the wrong one twice. Desperately need help, does anyone know the correct part no.?
  4. DV/Engine Cover

    Just put Forge 007P DV to replace original one on car, but now Engine Cover won't fit back on. What's the easiest way to gwet around this ?
  5. Removing B Pillar Cover?

    Hi. I have a bit of a rattle coming from what seems to be behind the seat belt slider area and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and/or knows how to remove the cover? I try to avoid messing with the interior trim but...! :mad:
  6. Race fuel door cover

    Hi everyone! I'm in search for a aluminium fuel door cover. Because it's for a bodykit, the size is not much variable. And is has to be a 'door' too, not a screw off kinda fuel cap.. Here's an example of the kind of door i'm looking for, and it has to be 12cm or 4,75" outer diameter...
  7. Bonnet/bumper cover?

    All I am thinking of getting the bonnet and bumper resprayed due to stone chips - not really that bad based on 5 year old cupra r and 50K covered but does any one know of any protection covers you can put on bonnet and bumper I can remember seeing on fith gear they covered a front of a...
  8. D--R--E--W

    long square cover for sitting over the inlet manifold??

    Anyone know of anywhere that sells the long square cover for sitting over the inlet manifold??
  9. Engine Cover

    I have just bought my mates daughters 58 plate 1.9tdi sportrider with 9k on it and 18m old, i notice the car has no engine cover ? but has the round runner ring under the oil filler cap and a bracket with a post on it above the alternator. Has someone pinched mine? or dont they come with a...
  10. Cupra engine cover - problems

    might be worth checking your engine cover to see these problems don't apply to your car - Cupra badge on right of cover is separate piece of plastic and is stuck to the cover with just a few small strips of doublesided tape, took almost no effort to remove from my cover, would make a mess of...
  11. cupra_paul

    car cover?

    i was wondering if anyone has used one? i have recently moved about 300 yards from my work so i will be leaving the car at home for 5 days a week. i want a cover my leon up for the duration but im a bit worried that when covered the inside of the cover will scratch up my car with the wind...
  12. Donnyboy

    Mk2 Leon Cupra engine cover

    I changed my air filter earlier after only 15K ....and it was pretty dirty. The book says its not due for about another 2 years or 40k!! Anyway, once I put the engine cover back on it felt like there was a bit of movement in it. I never noticed it when taking it of as I just started to tug...
  13. Stupid engine cover!!!!!!

    Just pulled up at home and opened the bonnet to check the oil only to find the damn engine cover just sat on the engine it's come off on it's own out of those **** pads! They're the worst idea ever and the air pipe that conects to the grill had come off too! WTF ! Anyone else had this?! I'm...
  14. plastic cover behind signal and side light

    I dropped the plastic clip that holds the plastic cover behind the passenger left turn signal light and sidelight, after changing the sidelight. Is the plastic cover needed and ok for it to be off for now until i find or get a new metal clip?
  15. SalSheikh

    Engine cover screws/fixings

    guys, do you know if these are available from Seat or what the part no is? mine are battered. thanks
  16. Pabs

    Mk4 ibiza cupra/fr rear engine cover support bracket part no needed

    Hey all, I'm looking for some assistance from a helpful mk4 ibiza cupra/fr owner. For some very strange reason, I have a component missing from my car, of which part numbers don't seem to exist, and SEAT are unable to get me a replacement. I can't find it on ETKA either. In basic terms...
  17. TDI Engine cover

    Can anyone tell me if the Ibiza TDI orginally came with an engine cover, If so do you have a pic and/or know where i can get one?
  18. ProEm fitting cupra handbrake cover?!

    Hey guts i bought the cupra handbrake cover the other day and I'm having trouble fitting it? I ve looked around on here but everything that's on here doesn't seem to be of any help, I'm trying to remove the whole handle and plastic gaitor from a 2002 tdi sport. All help appreciated matt
  19. martin CR

    Skoda rear wiper centre cover part number?

    Hi, I had a Skoda rear wiper on our Cupra R and someone has taken the plastic cover that goes over the nut, can anyone remember the part number for this? as I can't but I know I gave two part numbers to Skoda, one for the arm and one for this cover. cheers Martin
  20. anyone retrofit an MK3 Ibiza Cupra engine cover to Leon Cupra?

    im wondering if anyone has been able to retrofit an MK3 Ibiza Cupra 20VT engine cover to the Leon Cupra 20VT despite the intake manifold sitting in the opposite direction of the Ibiza Cupra 20VT. of course modifications would be required to fit it neatly around the manifold. im from the...
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