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  1. Rough Idle - 6L Ibiza FR 20VT

    Hello Whenever I’m starting the car it idles up to 1250RPM for a few minutes, and makes a loud noise, before getting faster and then suddenly stopping and going back to 750RPM. I have no dash lights and am genuinely stuck as to what it could be. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Helpful...
  2. Help replacing gear linkage cables Mk4 Seat Ibiza

    Hi all, I’m currently in the process of replacing gear linkage cables as one snapped on me (although still attached to the gear box) I bought a complete new gear-lever, gate, and cables all attached so I can simply unbolt the old and put in the new. However I’m having trouble getting the old...
  3. Syphon

    Who's ordered a new MK4 SEAT Leon?

    Let us know what you've ordered in the poll (please not the poll is not viewable in Tapatalk)
  4. Syphon

    Close up video of the next generation 2020 SEAT Leon in testing

    In the following video, we can see the new five-door version of the 2020 Leon in camouflage driving through the streets of Barcelona City, whilst showing how it can connect to traffic lights and tells the driver if they continue at the same speed what colour they will be when they get there...
  5. Returning suspension to standard (Cupra 6L)

    I've been sourcing parts to revert my Cupra back to standard ride height/suspension and ditching the coilovers. The number of those narrow 'dome' speed bumps appearing my way are making my commute unbearable. Tbh the coilovers were already on the car when I bought it so no major worries in...
  6. Seat Ibiza Reference Sport 2007 Suspension arm rubber bushes

    Has anyone else been faced with the same problem? Every year I either need to replace one or both arm rubber bushes for MOT. I was just wondering is there an alternative that would fit and last a bit longer??
  7. Engine swap

    Hi everyone Abit of a random one here but i have a mk4 seat Ibiza sport 1.4 litre and my friends my 5s engine has given out. How difficult would it be to put the mk4 engine into the MK5?
  8. Starter motor, or is it just the ignition wire?

    Hi , So, it's been a long time since I've used this forum, but I guess that's testament to how well built the ibiza is. Ten years old and the first real problem I have... There is a problem with the starter motor. 100% certain of that ! Just not yet convinced that it is the starter motor...
  9. BrettBlade

    Remap on a 1.4 16v 75bhp Mk4

    Anyone ever bothered with this? Revo figures show an expected 5bhp gain for £199, worth the hassle?
  10. Chris_a_73

    Maximum size alloys for a 1.2 Mk4?

    I was planning to purchase some new alloys, as frankly mine are a bit....boring? I was having a conversation with my brother about sizes, and when he bought his 16" Team Dynamic alloys, he was told generally to aim for 16", as any higher to could put unnecessary risk on the gearbox. Is...
  11. olliep

    mk4 ibiza speaker size/fitting

    as per title, what are the front and rear speaker sizes for a mk4 (3door) and do i need any wiring/fitting adapters to get them in?
  12. BrettBlade

    2005 Ibiza 1.4 Sport Mk4

    Been registered on here a while now, and had the odd post here and there but mainly just reading through the guides etc! Anyways, this is the thread for my Ibiza 1.4 Sport which I've now owned around 15 months. I'd owned a 2000 1.2 Punto previously, which I'd had a number of months before...
  13. Andy ap

    how many ibiza cupra mk4's

    i've done a search but cant seem to find out how many ibiza cupra's have been built to date (more specifically the U.K. MK4)....anyone know?
  14. Chris_a_73

    Exhaust tip for an MK4?

    Hey guys, I own an '07 Ibiza MK4 1.2L Sport Reference, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to modding a car whatsoever, so I am most likely going to ask some dumb questions... :confused: My brother owns a Fiat Grande Punto, and was able to put an exhaust tip as such, to give it a nice...
  15. is true about the fitmment with golf mk4 and leon 99-05 lowering spring?

    someone told me that but i want to know if it is true because i dont find eibach sportline for my leon fr in my country but the golf mk4 one is here, i want to know before buy it
  16. BaezoN

    BaezoN's iBiza MK4 (SWAP TDI to 20VT)

    Hi, I'm from Barcelona, and I have a 2002 Seat iBiza MK4 1.9 TDI 130. On Dec'06 I was made a swap on my car. Mounting the BPX engine (Cupra 1.9 TDI 160). The car still having the 130 engine remap by Upsolute (185bhp / 440nm). And the gearbox is the FJW (original from 130). Now, I'm working to...
  17. adam_may

    MK4 Ibiza Wind Deflectors

    Can someone post some pics of wind deflectors on their MK4 3dr Ibiza please? And also a link to where they are from. Thanks Adam
  18. adam_may

    MK4 Ibiza FR TDI De-Cat

    Has anyone took the cat out of theirs? If so did it make any differance in power? How much louder does it make it? And can u just chop the cat out and weld some pipe in? Or can u buy a de-cat pipe? Cheers Adam
  19. 1.8T can I remove the centre exhaust box?

    the center exhaust section, i think its just a muffler, can i change this to a straght through section to join the OEM rear box i know i may have to get it welded just wondered if it would make the exhaust note better and give a little more performance, not that i need the performance...
  20. lawrieIbizaMk4

    :help: help getting a permanent feed to head unit ibiza mk4

    hi can any1 give me advice on how to get a permanent feed to my Pioneer head unit? at the moment it won't remember the last track played etc, it's not too urgent but it is getting annoying overtime having to turn the sub down etc or program in radio stations every time i get in the car. cheers
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