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  1. Tomibz

    1.2 MK4 Black Ibiza unfinished project :P

    Well heres my Ibiza, its not amazing but I like it, it isnt finished yet, far from finished. Heres what Ive had done to it so far: Octavia vrs alloys, Spax 45mm lowering springs (only got rear on atm front going on this week), tinted back 3 windows, debadged grill, debadged rear, custom pipes...
  2. 2002 ibiza mk4 headlasmp removal, HELP !

    trying to get the nearside left headlamp out as the cover on the back has gotten loose and moisture has crept in, but i canot see how the unit comes out, i have removed the 2 torqx drive screws on top the slam panel screw at each side , it can wiggle a bit now but its not coming...
  3. dash

    MK4 door speakers

    Hello chaps Has anyone here fitted a 13cm speaker in the MK 4 ibiza? Got a pair of pioneer components TS A132C lying around. Never used and was wondering it they can be fitted in the ibiza. :shrug:
  4. Which xenon kit to buy for my mk4?

    i have a 2007 ibiza fr, which is the nicest xenon hid kit to buy??
  5. Random1989

    Random1989's Mk4 Ibiza FR

    Hi there everyone just thought i'd start a readers ride thread going as i've only had the car two weeks and bought some stuff already. This is my first proper car really started out with a ibiza cls 1.4 that had 100k when i bought it i got it upto 130k before having to kill it then just been...
  6. SeanyK

    Swapping ECU's both MK4 Cupra's possible?

    Hey folks, This is just a quick question, I have done this on my MK3 Ibiza Cupra in the past, but is the process the same for the MK4 Cupra? ie swapping a revo'd ECU with a stock ECU I know you need to do the immobiliser bit in Vag Com, but other than that, is it the same as the MK3...
  7. Gooner_Mike

    What to log in VAGcom for a Mk4 Ibiza 20vt?

    I have picked up a shareware version of VAGcom and cable from the bay. No fault codes read so that's a bonus! I'm just up for experimenting with logs right now, maybe find out how the car is running under boost and the effectiveness of the SMIC at the moment. So, 2 questions really: 1...
  8. karizma_fas

    Ibiza Mk4 FR TDI or Cupra TDI

    Hi all, Interested in either a Mk4 FR TDI or a Mk4 Cupra TDI. Just wondering if anyones drove/owned both? and if the Cupra's worth the extra money over the FR? (insurance, tyres etc) Gonna look at a 06 very low mileage Fr and a 05 higher mileage Cupra. I do a lot of miles now and want to...
  9. The MK4 audio thread!

    Hi guys, This is a thread to help you all with Ibiza mk4 audio. Ok we'll start with the basics. To understand car audio you need to understand how the wiring works. All ibiza MK4s use ISO blocks. These are two blocks that are a unerversal standard and most new radios come ready out the box with...
  10. Euro Ibiza mk4

    I want to make my mk4 Ibiza look euro style, i'v seen these Cades Eros wheels but they're only 4 stud. Does anyone know if they come in 5 stud and if they'd ft the mk 4 ibiza? Here's a picture of the Cades Eros: fastcar.co.uk/04570735437633387728/cades-eros.html Also looking for any other...
  11. Mk5 Golf or TD130 Mk4 Ibiza?

    Well I've currently got a 1.2 Mk4 Ibiza & its a brilliant car, but will an increase in income I'm considering either of the above. Ibiza Pro's/Con's: +Good Value +Based on VW Chassis/Parts. -Not the best quality build construction (interior). -Looks awful in 5 dr. Now I know I'm...
  12. My hybrid diesel mk4 Ibiza, well nearly

    Right, I have been meaning to get this up for a long time now, so i am going to start this thread and will hopefully get up to present day. I bought my standard car in July 2008, i had big plans from the start. So heres how the car was not to long after i picked it up.
  13. olliep

    olliep's mk4 ibiza cupra TDI - whoop!

    Finally got me a mk4 cupra tdi (having sold the 20vT leon cupra :cry:) Nothing done yet (apart from headlamp upgrade and bluevision w5w's) because i've only had it 12 days and i need to focus on maintenance stuff before fun stuff! (i.e. cam belt due soon etc...) and i need to sort out the...
  14. Ibiza cupra TDI MK4

    Hi os pressting my Ibiza Cupra TDI 160. It is in April 2008 and has 53.000 km. Modifications: - Supressor catalyst. - Cubrecarter. - Separators rear 2cm. - Xenon. - Midfielder omp. - Bur torrets. I put some photos of half a year ago.. other than as this now....
  15. Can you fit mk Ibiza fr front calipers and carriers on a mk4 golf?

    A mate of mine wants my Ibiza fr front 288mm discs , brake calipers and carriers of my mk 4 fr . Will they fit on his golf mk 4
  16. flat sport , mk4 1.4

    hi all . ive got a ibiza sport 1.4 05 reg and it seems to have a flat spot in 1st gear its very hesitant to pull away at a slow speed or from parked postion. ive taken it back to the dealer once as its under the warrenty , but they didnt find anything wrong, im taking it again next week and...
  17. Pabs

    Mk4 ibiza cupra/fr rear engine cover support bracket part no needed

    Hey all, I'm looking for some assistance from a helpful mk4 ibiza cupra/fr owner. For some very strange reason, I have a component missing from my car, of which part numbers don't seem to exist, and SEAT are unable to get me a replacement. I can't find it on ETKA either. In basic terms...
  18. MK4 Engine Codes

    Does anyone know the engine codes for the mk4 ibiza? Or the engine code for the 1.9 TDI 100 sport Long story as to why its needed.
  19. Wilber

    Wilber's Mk4 Beeza

    Im new here so go easy. Bought the car 7 months ago and planning ogeta lot done to it before the years out. Heres how it started when i got it. Then got some Weitec coilovers from DPM Then after toying about with some ideas i got round to buying these mofos...
  20. gex18

    MK4 Ibiza Cupra - Fault codes 17748 and 16395

    Since owning this car back n october 2009, it never seems to be as quick as i'd expect it to be, so hooked it up to VAG-COM today (cheers EZ Tutty), and got the following fault codes : 17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Incor. Correlation 16395 - Bank 1...
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