1. MK4 tdi exhaust set ups!

    hey guys am looking to up rate my exhaust system am pritty much set on a full non resonated milltek system with a milltek downpipe at the same time put on by AMD:lol:... i was just wondering what others think is the best exhaust set up for tdi's? i have a mk4 ibiza pd130 tdi sport what has...
  2. lawrieIbizaMk4

    removing mk4 standard aerial

    yo all, im trying to fit a bee sting aerial to my mk4. when i try to remove the existing one it reaches the end of the thread and keeps spinning, guess this is an anti-theft thing, any1 know how to get it off? help much appreciated
  3. Ibiza Mk4 Front Speakers

    Hi Guys, Hope your well and enjoying the snow ??? Just wondering what speakers to get for the front of the Mk4 Ibiza and what speakers some of you have bought and what you think of them ??? Cheers J
  4. are all front wishbones the same for MK4?

    Just hit the kerb, passenger side wheel about 5mph due slush. Steering feels very weird now. Passenger side front wishbone definitly bent. A quick look on ebay shows a wishbone for cheap ish. Booked into garage tomorrow. Are there any other nasty suprises I should be prepared for? What else...
  5. RaggedLob

    Rear or front speaker upgrades for an Ibiza MK4?

    Own a MK4 Ibiza 3dr, and have bought a Sony Headunit and some £40 FLI Integrator 6 17cm coaxials, together with some dynamat. My original plan was to put these speakers in the rear, and leave the front ones because they are actually OK, but having read some threads, i am having second...
  6. G2HSE

    My MK4 fr tdi

    Well im now on my third mk4 ibiza and im loving this one, just a wee step up from my previous 1.2 :lol: Its a grey FR tdi pd130. The car is an 06 plate and got it with just 38,000 on the clock. Its in a really good condition a couple of marks here and there, but its to be expected. Anyways...
  7. Does anyone have any pics of a Ibiza mk4 window clip?

    Does anyone have any pictures of the window clips on the Mk4 Ibiza 3dr? I've been looking at some on ebay and im not sure if they'd fit the Mk4, they look similar but i didn't realise the rest of the clip was stuck onto the inside of the door still. So im not entirely certain what they look...
  8. NickLCR

    Golf Mk4 Strut Braces on LCR

    Does anybody know if the rear strut braces for a Golf Mk4 will fit LCR's? I know the front upper ones will go on an LCR, but what about the rears?
  9. air121005

    technician / mechanic / anybody -- polystyrene block inside a MK.4 ibiza door?

    i've had to replace the window regulator and noticed that when the window dropped inside the door it landed on / hit a large square piece of black polystyrene. during the impact hit has split it and deformed it a little and more it from its original location. i thought i'd moved it back to...
  10. matfennell

    Will 5x100 fit Ibiza mk4????

    'Seat ibiza 5 stud ,14 inch alloy wheels with tyres, good condition do have a few kerb marks but are nice wheels 4 good tyres 2 pirreli and 2 dunlop the stud diameter is 5x100' thats the item description from ebay and just wanted to make sure they would definately fit a mk4 52 plate ibiza...
  11. ibiza mk4 noise on start up

    hi, wonder if anyone can help. when i start my ibiza (1.2s) for the first 1-2 mins it is quite noisy with a loud ticking/rattling noise but after 2 or 3 mins it settles down to its normal soft purring noise. is just during the first couple of mins that i get this funny loud-ish noisy tickover...
  12. golf mk4 gt inlet manifold on a leon110 ?

    ive got my fmic waiting to go onto my mk1 leon 110 but ive wanted to find a bigger inlet manifold first so i can get my delete pipe aswell then fit the lot together ive found a inlet manifold off a 02 plate golf tdi gt is this the one i want ? i believe the gts have the 130/150 engine ( not...
  13. nossi_20v

    My 05 Onvi MK4 Ibiza Cupra - LCR splitter, vinyl, yellow fogs and polshing

    Hi all, been a member on thi site for a while now but have never posted any pictures of my car so here goes. I bought the car back in April, totally standard with 27k on the clocks for 6900 from a dealer down in swindon, very reasonable i thought!! Anyway the journey for the car was a about a...
  14. FOX's Mk4 Ibiza

    FOX's Mk4 Ibiza [Yellow] Nothing really done to it yet, hoping to get some real work done after christmas. New wheels, tinted windows, lowering, spacers. The list is never ending on car mods. Still a nice car to drive around in though. Added: 07/12/09
  15. jwmurdoch85

    Random non starting Mk4 130 Tdi Sport

    Hello, My Mk4 Tdi 130 sport has developed an odd random fault (happened 3 times now)... Basically when arriving at the car (could have been left for any amount of time ranging from seconds to hours!) I find that the instrument console only (not the radio) is lit up with the red back light...
  16. Golf MK4 R32 Alloys on LCR???

    I have my eye on a set of mk4 R32 alloys. I think the offset in ET35 and i'm sure they are 5X100. Just wondering if anyone has these wheels fitted? I have had a look about the internet but dont really understand the whole offset stuff. Thanks in advance.
  17. ibizadoyle

    nos on a mk4 ibiza fr

    hi guys just been thinking about nos and was wondering what gains it would produce also would i need an uprated clutch for it? and what else would i need? thanks simon
  18. JBS IHI STAGE 1 For all 150 & 180 Bhp 1.8 20VT for the Seat Ibiza Mk4

    JBS have released a fully re-designed Stage 1 IHI underslung kit designed for all 150 & 180 Bhp 1.8 20VT for the Seat Ibiza Mk4. The kit boasts a full 3" stainless steel downpipe, mounted to JBS Spec VF34 Turbo and fully back purged ST316SS SC10 grade stainless steel TIG welded manifold...
  19. Mk4 Brake Hoses 312mm

    Just had 312 brake upgrade done, the new TT hoses I supplied do not fit! They had to put the Ibiza ones back on. I know this makes it quite tight but is it acceptable? Provided I check them regularly? Otherwise does anyone have a link or can recommend hoses that definitly fit a Mk4 tdi FR but...
  20. Tomibz

    Seat Ibiza MK4 1.2 This is few month back, had cupped mirrors, tinted windows and some rs4 alloys on it since :P
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