1. Just got my Mk4 Ibiza PD130....a few questions please!

    1 - In the service history, will the tick box saying 'Toothed belt' be the cambelt? Done at 70,000 - miles or km I don't know. Are the centre vent surrounds replaceable as one of mine is cracked and it's annoying lol That's all for now Cheers
  2. uzi_cupra

    My MK4 Ibiza 1.2 '03...turned into facelift...updated pics!!Resprayed, black roof!

    Hi guys this is one of my old cars, had this since around 2007. bought it cheap as interior and exterior were not in best of conditions. i have done much since then to make it what it is today. i will put up pictures of what it has ben through to show you guys the difference! enjoy before...
  3. Golf Mk4 Coolant problems & engine management

    Hi everyone, sorry to be hijacking the Seat site for a VW problem but..... i bought a 1.8t GTI Golf MK4 on sunday and driving around on monday i got a warning on the dash saying that i need to check the coolant and i also noticed that the engine management light was on, obviously worried i...
  4. ruba

    ruba's mk4 Ibiza Cupra 20vt

    2005 Seat Ibiza Cupra 20VT Engine: Revo Stage II remap aFe Intake (golf mk4) K&N RR-2803 Filter Forge Spliter Dump Valve Forge TIP Milltek Downpipe Milltek Catback Exhaust 3" maf housing RC 440cc fuel injectors Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulator DEI turbo wrap Walbro fuel...
  5. MK4 1.9tdi sport disc sizes???

    Hi all! I'm looking to change my discs and pads all round on my 53 plate Ibiza Tdi 130 sport. I want to replace them with mintex parts, but there seems to be a couple of variations in diameters. Does anyone have any idea, other than physically taking the wheel of and checking the...
  6. MK4 1.4 sports Gearbox oil

    HI. I would like to change the oil in my 2003 1.4 sports Ibiza gearbox. I have looked underneath and cannot find an obvious drain plug on the gearbox. Can anyone help?
  7. Purchasing a Mk4 Ibiza 130 TDi Sport

    Hello chaps, Well the time has come to get a diesel and I've got my heart set on a Mk4 Ibiza 130 TDi Sport. From what I've read and seen they tick all the boxes with plenty of performance, decent fuel economy and good looks. Now, having searched high and low I can't seem to find many of...
  8. mymorph

    mk3 or mk4 bumper?

    i thought this bumper & my wifes car (2004 tdi fr)was mk4 am i right or wrong? the seller swears its a mk3 from 2002-2006, either way it looks the same as ours (except for the hole the wife put in) any confirmation appreciated
  9. Pabs

    Ibiza Mk4 Custom Gas Bonnet Lifters/Struts - Finally Finished!

    Mk4 Ibiza Bonnet Lifters Well folks, I've been keeping it on the quiet up until now, as I wanted to ensure I could pull it off, but now I'm happy with the finished product, it's time to show you all my hard work! So, as you're probably aware, the mk4 ibizas were never lucky enough to come...
  10. 18" Mags for Ibiza Cupra Mk4

    Hi There, I have the Mk4 Ibiza Cupra and was contemplating changing the 17" rims to a pair of 18". i have not found any that fit but saw that some of you guys had located 18" mags that do fit, i saw the golf 5 GTi mags on a Ibiza but dont dig the look. I am looking for mags that are like...
  11. C13RYP

    Will a MK3 Cupra Downpipe fit a Mk4 1.8T FR.?

    Hi guys and girls, I need to know asap if a downpipe and sports cat from a MK3 Cupra will fit a Mk4 1.8T FR. Hope someone can help. Thanks, Paul.
  12. Where can I get Genuine Mk4 Alloys?

    Hey Im looking for a website who sell genuine mk4 alloys that will fit my mk3. Does anyone know of a site? x
  13. would mk4 strut brace fit mk3

    hi guys as title saids above can anyone tell me if a strut brace off mk4 will fit mk3 ibiza many thanks and soz to be a pain over stupid thread :help:
  14. I love my Mk4, do you?!

    Got myself a Mk5 courtsey car for the day, I have to say, its a bit turd. The inside is cheap and tacky, the radio/climate cont' display looks like those bright red alarm clock displays from the 80's, handbrake feels like it might snap off and it has a rather large arse. I was semi tempted to...
  15. jernjackson

    Mk1 LCR Gearbox on Mk4 IC 1.8T

    Does anyone know if it is possible to fit a leon cupra r 6 speed box to a mk4 ibiza cupra 1.8T? Think my box is on its way out and might give this a shot unless there is a major restriction.
  16. Crossy's Ovni MK4 Sport

    Hi guys and girls. Been a member of here for a little while but ive never put up a progress thread up. So i think nows the time. Ill start off from the beginning. In February this year i bought my Ibiza. It was a standard PD130 Sport when i bought it apart from it had the 312mm Brake setup...
  17. greener9009

    Removing center grill in mk4 ibiza

    Wondering how easy it is to remove the front center grill (with the S) on mk4 ibiza? wanted to fit badgeless one? can anyone help? Thanks guys!
  18. de-locking ibiza mk4

    can you de-lock the ibiza mk4? the passenger door handle doesn't have a door lock but the drivers side does can you make the drivers door look the same and buy a cap the doesn't have a hole in it??
  19. valley

    mk4 Coilovers Fit MK1 Leon??

    ??????? Cheers
  20. mk4 gear box

    ive recently noticed my gear box has been playing tricks on me as late. when i first start my car and put it into gear 9 times out of 10 it will go in no problem but on the odd occasion its doesn't want to know. its like there's something blocking it so i have to go back to neutral and try again...
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