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Wheels to put on a 1.2 Ibiza Ref. Sport mk4??


1.2L Ibiza Mk4 '07
Oct 27, 2009
Guildford and Bristol (uni)
I've recently started driving, and bought my first car the other week.

Obviously, like most other people, I'm like a little kid when it comes to my car as I just wanna make it look "cool" ;)

I've currently got the standard 15" alloys on my Ibiza Reference Sport 1.2, but wanted something a little bit more "wham" if you know what I mean :blink:

I've been looking up wheels such as the Cupra/FR wheels and have photoshopped various pictures, and decided they look fab! But the only downside is that I should max out at 16" due to insurance reasons, and should probably keep to OE wheels as well just so I don't have to declare them, because "they were on my car when I bought it".

So the question is, does anyone have any ideas what I could get?

Thanks :happy:
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mk4 ibiza fr 20vt
Jan 12, 2006
Problem is with wanting your car to look "cool" your insurance will always go up as they beleive it increases the chance of the car to get stolen or broken into etc.I dont think the size of the alloys will make a diffrance on a policy as they just ask if you have aftermarket alloys etc.

Or maybe look into a mod friendy insurance agent,but everything you do to the car will put the insurance up if you claim ofcourse


mk4 ibiza fr 20vt
Jan 12, 2006
just to add seeing as your from guilford there is a no rice meet on the 11th few of us on here go :) im sure there will be alot of people there the same age and you could always ask who they are insured with? i was naughty and never declared my wheels on my first ibiza


Buy Cheap Buy Twice!
Nov 16, 2008
Hum, I may just take the hit on the insurance with aftermarket wheels...

Could anyone recommend a good 16" set? Preferably anthracite to go with the black body colour ;)
there are alot of places that will spray alloy wheels for you, so its just a case of finding the right ones you want :)
Nov 6, 2008
if your looking for a good 16" set, take a look at the pre-facelift fr/sport rider alloys, they all tend to be a light anthricite colour and obviously, original SEAT part.

When i had my first car (1.2 Beezer) i told the insurance company that the wheels were on the car when i bought it as i bought it 2nd hand from a dealer, never declared them, even when i had my accident, they didnt care at all and never questioned it
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