1. Land Rover mondials?

    Do land rover mondials fit the mk1s? If not what adapters will I need, thanks for any advice I’m a newbie, 15 and I just bought a 1.6 16v 2004 Leon for my first car so I have plenty of time to do it up
  2. JackB

    Mk3 Facelift Leon Cupra 19x8 OEM Wheels - 5F0601025AC

    EDIT: These are no longer for sale as a set of 4, selling as singles - reach out if you need one.
  3. Winter wheels and tyres: HELP!

    Hi all. Apologies if this has been covered before. I've got an Ibiza FR115 Sport DSG. Loving the car in almost every way (bar a really annoying rattle from the parcel shelf somewhere and an occasionally stubborn infotainment screen esp when loading AA) The issue I have is trying to get a...
  4. Purplecupra

    Nice to meet you all. Instagram: purplecupra

    This is my purple seat leon cupra 290. I got it on the 30th August this year. Instagram: purplecupra
  5. Random question

    Hi, this is probably a bit random but on my mk2 cupra it came with these Mercedes wheels.. can anyone tell me what they are or what they came off please? I’ve been looking for a while and can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance
  6. Greenman

    New Alloys

    Looking for some new wheels for my 63 plate Leon 3 door 1.6tdi DSG. I'm not very technical so I'd quite like for them to just fit on. Pref 17" as i feel the existing 16s look a bit small. tyres would be nice too! in black would be even better! There's so many on eBay but i don't trust them!
  7. Porsche Twist 17’’

    4x Porsche Twist 17’’ - 5x130, staggered 7J front 8.5J rear. Freshly powdercoated black, not been on a vehicle since being painted. Do have adaptors + 2 rear tyres, can include price dependant £350 Offers welcome Email: [email protected]
  8. Joedj9

    Show me your refurbed 280 alloys

    Hi everyone I've got my wheels booked in to be refurbed at the end of the month and I'm struggling to pick a colour. I have the grey/diamond cut 280 alloys on my emocion red st. Just wondered if people could post some pics of these wheels in different colours to help me choose a colour for my...
  9. iammooks

    Alloy Wheel Refurb Recommendations in Sussex/Brighton Area

    My front wheels are leaking air and have been for a while now. The offside is worse and tends to lose around 15-20PSI in about 10 days to a fortnight, while the nearside loses around half that. The rears are absolutely fine though. Photo of the worst one attached. At the moment I'm just running...
  10. Daniel Henderson

    18 inch centre caps.

    Hi all. Just wondering if someone could help me out. I've recently taken my wheels off to be refurbed and painted. When I bought the car there was no centre caps and I managed to find some that fit. ( wasnt the same colour as my wheels but persaviered with them ). Now I'm looking to buy some...
  11. ChocoMilkShark

    New wheels need help with tyres!

    Hi all, I got a Leon facelift 2011 and I just got myself some 19 inch wheels the problem is that I don't know what tyres will fit as the og wheels only go up to 18 inch the tyre size for the 18s are 225/40/r18. The 19s are Size - 8jx19h2 Pad - 112/5 Offset - 45 Dc - 70,1
  12. Aftermarket Rims

    Hey all, wondering if anyone with experience buying after market wheels for the leon had any recommendations for which sites to use. Wheelbasealloys.com seems like the most popular, don't know if other might be better though.
  13. Anyone put 6J 17" Tagus alloys on an Ibiza 6L?

    As the title says. Interested to see what it'd look like.
  14. RS6

    what happened to my wheels

  15. Ferryman

    Aftermarket wheels that fit over AP Racing caliper

    Unlike you lucky folks in UK, my Cupra did not have 4-piston AP Racing calipers as standard equipment. Now I want to upgrade the standard crappy calipers to the ones made by AP, but... I also need to get a new set of wheels since my old ones were stolen :censored: Now I would like to know...
  16. andy.morgan

    Will These Wheels Fit?

    Thinking of changing my wheels on my MK1 LCR :whistle: Does anyone know if these will fit http://www.alloywheelspin.co.uk/18-tt-multispoke-83-p.asp or what is the correct offset etc.... for and LCR :confused:
  17. ibiza fr wheels

    hey guy's i was looking for some wheels cause in the winter i want some winter tyres and use the stock fr wheels for that. http://www.tuningracingcars27.com/images/Image/jante_dotz_tupac.gif now i seen these how do you guy's think they wil look under a galiablue fr. Give some oppinions:think...
  18. help needed with my copper colour 16v ibiza an what wheels to buy

    need help with what wheels i should get for my r-reg 16v ibiza, its got a 20v turbo engine fitted to the car just need some nice wheels to finsh it off, its got the standard 16'' mutispoke ronal wheels fitted just need something to stick out of the arches a bit more, so anyone one got any...
  19. Neil_Ireland

    What is the offset of these leon wheels?

    Hi all, Does anyone know the offset of these mk2 leon wheels, seat sport bbs's? Would like to know if they would fit my mk1 leon :)
  20. will these wheels look good...help....asap

    hi all i need to know if a set of 19inch Mod P Kazuki porsche rims will suit my LCR. and if they will fit 5x130 ET45 Fronts and 11.0x19" 5x130 ET52 Rears obviously with adaptors.....need some answers fast and aint got a clue and might be picking up in an hour!!!!dont know how to put pics or...
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