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Golf Mk4 Coolant problems & engine management


And so it begins....
Jul 21, 2009
Hi everyone, sorry to be hijacking the Seat site for a VW problem but.....

i bought a 1.8t GTI Golf MK4 on sunday and driving around on monday i got a warning on the dash saying that i need to check the coolant and i also noticed that the engine management light was on, obviously worried i checked the coolant to find that it was all as it needed to be.

so i topped it up a little bit just to see if it helped.
Next time went out it seemed fine again until later on when the problem came up one again. again the same thing, checked the level, still ok.
i then spoke to someone on a different forum and he said he had VAGCOM so he could see what the fault wasbut.....
On my way down to the M4 to see George for his VAGCOM
the coolant warning came up on the dash again, but this time with a major difference, the temperature actually started going above 90 degrees, eventually going right up to 130.

i pulled off the motorway and went to a petrol station.
i rang a friend who knows about VW's but there was obviously not alot he could do not being next to the car.

The engine felt very warm and i really hadnt been driving it hard or for very long, i slowly took the coolant cap off and it started boiling up, i didnt let it go right up(i didnt want a burnt hand) so i put the cap back on, then noticed that a large quantity of coolant had leaked out of the bottom the car.

so i had to top it up with a bottle of water bought from the garage and drive home as slow and carefully as possible(i realise this was probably a bad idea)

so i am now left with a car that i cant really drive...



LCR = 285Bhp + 330Ft.lbs
Jul 22, 2009
you need to scrap the metal prongs in the coolant with a scewdriver to fix that


And so it begins....
Jul 21, 2009
Hi, so thanks everyone for the kind words and advice.
Turns out it was the water pump, when my mate took it off he found that the impeller had sheared off, not good.
Sorted now. Nice to have the car back.


Last night whie driving the car i noticed a weird issue in that it seemed the turbo was not working intermittantly. as in sometimes when i put my foot down there was no boost then it would jump in and then cut back out again.

also when i started the car up last night at 2am(so obviously pretty cold) it was very clattery and noisy, you could really feel it juddering from inside the cabin.

Any thoughts on the 2?

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