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Where can I find Cupra Alloys for a Mk4 Ibiza?


Active Member
Oct 27, 2009
Where can I find Cupra Alloys for a Mk4 Ibiza? I'm currently running a 1.4 Ibiza Formula Sport (100HP) and was wanting to upgrade to Cupra wheels just to make it look a little better. I've read you can only fit 17's on an Ibiza without modifying the arches or the suspsension any help on this would be greatly appreciated, sorry if its been posted before I'm new to the forums
Apr 27, 2008
they are very very rare to find mate without going to seat garage and buying new ones.am not to sure on the price of each alloy but a no there quite expensive :(. have you looked on ebay?


i only brake for cake!!!!
Oct 4, 2007
there was a few sets of cupra, lcr and fr+ ones kicking around in the for sale section on here a few weeks back. im guessing they have all gone
May 6, 2009
Northallerton, N yorks
leon fr+ ones always pop up on pistonheads or ebay for around 350 with tyres, but the tyres are the wrong size for ibizas, i nearly got a set but gonna go for something different now
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