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  1. RaggedLob

    RaggedLob's MK4 Beeza 1.2- work in progress

    Hey all! Picked up my Flash red Beeza 2 months ago for a pricey £2800 (low miles and vgc, though :D ) I haven't planned any big budget Engine/suspension/bodywork mods, mainly because i need the money for uni, so instead i thought i'd make an FR replica, which can be done cheaply...
  2. What V.A.G. Seats will bolt straight into MK4 Ibiza?

    I've owned my 130 PD Sport for 4 months now and i'm pretty happy with it, just that the drivers seat is killing my back. I find this odd as i've had recaros/sports seats in almost every car i've owned and never had an issue. I think it's because the Ibiza sport seats are really firm but have...
  3. Adz.21

    Ibiza mk4 folding wing mirrors

    After seeing seans beeza on the weekend, i now cant stop thinking about wanting folding wing mirrors.. just wondering what bits i need to get to do it and how easy it is, as stuff like this is pretty much guarenteed to go wrong if even as much lay a finger on it!
  4. What power you Mk4 Ibiza Diesel guys running????

    Hey, As many may well be aware, i need a new smaller more eco car. I think i want to stay with Seat and i'm looking seriously Seat Ibiza'a TDI Cupra PD160. I still want to be able to play around with it and increase the power. So my questions are: What power you running? What did you do...
  5. RaggedLob

    Good Backbox for MK4?

    Looking for a decently priced performance backbox to fit a MK4 1.2, universal or otherwise.. My main problem is i don't want anything loud, something that isn't boomy at low revs, and doesn't grate over long journeys- just something that makes itself heard under acceleration.. Anyone know...
  6. ATP

    Mk4 Ibiza Cupra PD160

    and first mod:
  7. finally got pics ov mk4 ibiza

    this was what it looked like when i bought it now it looks lyk this what yas think? [B)]
  8. PH1L NI

    20mm Spacers MK4 Ibiza 1.9 Sport

    I have a 2007 1.9 TDi Sport Ibiza with standard 16inch 'sport' rims, currently lowered to the bottom on coilovers... Now the wheels sit under the arches quite a bit and it looks crap, just wondering would this kit be okay on my car...
  9. MK4 in car pc

    I have bought an in car pc that has been converted to 12 volts. The problem im having is that i can run the pc fine from the cig lighter but if i use it with an adapter so i can power my screen aswell the pc just restarts, what options do i have to power my lilliput 8" screen.
  10. Ting

    MK4 Suspension Advise

    Hi guys I've just recently fitted some new alloys, and when I got the tyres put on them the mechanic noticed my front driver side spring has the end snapped off. Basically at the end of the spring its supposed to curl round back on itself, making a circle but now its just a semi circle and...
  11. DanLewis1991

    Dans MK4 Ibiza Sport: New Rims ;) PG3 #46

    Heyy, Dan, Im 18, And Im From Newport, South Wales.. Passed My Test Last October And Bought Myself a Saxo... Spent All My Time And Money On It And It Ended Up Looking Like This.. However, I Had A Slight Accident Which Left It Looking Like This... I Was Absolutly Gutted But...
  12. Gravesie-363

    MK4 (i think) Ibiza cupra help . .

    I think this is in the right section, there are so many compared to CC-Uk lol! Ermm ... I think im after buying an Ibiza Cupra and im just after some information pleaasee :) Found a 55 plate, Emocion Red, 17,000 Miles - £8,995 Ive been told that you can get them cheaper, whats the...
  13. My Ibiza MK.4 became Fabia Combi

    Hello, here in belgium we don't have many performance cars, neither is mine, were more into visual tuning so here is my 2008 seat ibiza 1400TDI ecomotive(i know it runs like ****) Pics of the rims Modifications are: FK coils 7,5x17 polished TT parabols(Nankang 185/35/17)...
  14. will the golf mk5 wheels fit onto my mk4 ibiza

    Hi, will the golf mk5 wheels fit onto my mk4 ibiza ? thanks mitch
  15. rocky2008

    LCR Splitter on MK4

    yesturday i finally got round to fitting a splitter to my ibiza, it did not come across to be as hard as i thought it would have been, i will upload some decent pictures later today but heres on so you get the idea.... please leave feedback and let me know what you think, cheers. :)
  16. JR750

    Where to get Std Cupra Wheels for MK4?

    Where can i get some affordable cupra wheels for my ibiza mk4?
  17. seat_rich

    Can you get a stuffed hockey bag in a Mk4 Ibiza?

    Just wondered if the boot was big enough to take a stuffed hockey bag? Probably won't be a deal breaker, but it'd be nice to know in advance! Saw a picture yesterday on here of a golf club in a MkIV boot, and it looked smaller than I expected.
  18. PJ_TDi

    PJ's Ibiza mk4 TDI Sport

    Hello there. I've been meaning to get one of these threads up for a good while now, but have been lazy, so heres my attempt for the moment! I drive a 130 sport in glacier blue. I've owned the Ibiza about a year now but have only done a couple of bits so far. I had her at 78k- she's done 97k...
  19. ROBD--M15RPD

    Mk4 Stereo

    I have just put in my alpine single din head unit into my Ibiza. It seems so tight behind the stereo for all the wires. I can not get the lower tray to sit flush has anyone come across this before and can help me. Thanks in advance
  20. Induction kit for Cupra mk4

    I have an 07,plate cupra 1.8 20vt and was looking at an induction kit is it worth spending the extra money on a K&N, pipercross filter etc or just go for a universal ones like they sell in Halfords??:confused:
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