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  1. IBIZA MK4 Mods

    Whats are the best mods for an 04 mk4. I want to add some chrome to the inside for example a new gear stick, footpedals, maybe some other items. I am thinking of getting the back windows tinted and have been quoted £100. Can anyone suggest the best mods.
  2. momiwi

    Ibiza mk4 1,4 16V - project by momiwi (Poland)

    Hello My name is Michal and I'm from Poland. Thats my car. I hope You like it. SEAT IBIZA 1,4 16V 75hp from 2005 32k km Modifications: 1. Exterior: - 25 mm rear spacers, - 6 mm front spacers, - Aero wipers, - HID headlights H7R 4300K, - LED sidelights (white), - Alloys: 16”...
  3. Mk4 fuel pump fuse??

    Hi, I'm trying to find the location for the fuel pump fuse on my 2002 mk4 ibiza. Tryed the search function and got nothing. Now, the fuse layout in the manual mentions petrol sprayers?? Cant remember the location number as i dont have the manual with me. Does the "petrol...
  4. Need an exhaust for my Mk4

    I was wondering if anyone knows any places that would sell an exhuast system for my 1.4 petrol mk4. I wanted the twin exhausts, but split. Hopefully you guys can understand the complicated diagrams below :p STANDARD TWIN BACKBOX = OO OR O-O WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR = O-------O O =...
  5. james walker

    bora suspension same as mk4 golf/leon cupra

    guys, have the chance to purchase some weitec ultra ts for a fantastic price, there froma bora 1.9tdi? now, i know mk4 golf shocks and springs fit the leon cupra, IS THE BORA THE SAME... I PRESUME IT IS. THE SPRING WEIGHTS WILL MATCH BEING A TDI, SAME SPRUNG WEIGHT AS THE 1.8T? IS THIS...
  6. do door mirrors off mk4 ibiza fit mk1 leon?

    ive been offered a pair of foor mirrors off a ibiza mk4 and was wondering if they would fit a mk1 leon as they look very similar any help would be greatly accepted
  7. Subbies Ibiza mk4

    Okay been a member for couple of months now and had my car for just short of a year and i have decided it was about time i got on with spending all my money on it haha. So its a seat ibiza mk4 1.4 sport. its my first car, so first things first i got an fr rear bumper and face lift front...
  8. Scott-o

    Bikerack for Ibiza mk4

    Hi there, had a search on this but no results were found. Shall be looking for a bikerack for my car soon as i dont want to get the inside scruffy, just wondered which racks people have bought and would recommend if any. Cheers in advance :)
  9. Ibiza mk4 03 plate crunching gears (general)

    Alright , I have a SEAT IBIZA MK4 03 PLATE . On the odd occasion if I am gearing down from 3rd to 2nd or gearing up from 1st to 2nd il accidentally crunch the gears. Now twice recently when i have done this and carried on driving its fine changing gears. HOWEVER after driving for a little...
  10. ibiza_adam

    My 07 Mk4 Ibiza Sport

    Hi everyone, right had the car just over 2 weeks now and over the moon with it! Really is a nice little car to drive, and very solid too! I bought the car with only 9000 miles on it so still like new, there are a couple of bits that I wanted to sort such as the brakes as they looked cak my...
  11. mk4 1.4 petrol noisy when idling, management light on.

    Hi, my wifes ibiza has been noisy on tickover for a few weeks, (quite tappety/noisy) the management light has been on for a while also, but sometimes switches off. I put this down to having a brake light off (which was changed the other day) We've put the car in for a service, and onto a...
  12. CupraJimbo

    Do TT Brake Disks Fit Mk4 Cupra?

    Sorry if this has been asked a million times before but am I right in thinking that 312mm TT brake disks are a straight swap for std Mk 4 Ibiza Cupra items??? Cheers Jimbo
  13. Leon MK2 FR Wheels - MK4 Ibiza.

    The question is do these wheels fit the mk4 ibiza fr?
  14. philc

    Philc's Mk4 FR TDi Sleeper

    Bought the car in April... Found that I had a lot of Saxos, Puntos and Corsas racing away from lights and getting right up the back end as often as possible... Decided to make it into a 1.2SX look-a-like... Front Before: Changed chrome grill and silver plastic mirrors for plain black...
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