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18" Mags for Ibiza Cupra Mk4


Hi There,

I have the Mk4 Ibiza Cupra and was contemplating changing the 17" rims to a pair of 18". i have not found any that fit but saw that some of you guys had located 18" mags that do fit, i saw the golf 5 GTi mags on a Ibiza but dont dig the look.

I am looking for mags that are like the ones i have but 1 size bigger.

Does any one advise against fitting 18"s?? any rubbing or scraping against teh Calipar?


TDISport.com Owner
Nov 25, 2004
I have heard that you will get scraping with 18's, i had been keen on a pair a few years ago, and because of the scraping issues i had found i decided against it.
I instead bought a set of VRS alloys with the intention to spray them, but lots of people had the same idea so i sold them on again.


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Sep 5, 2009
Gretna Green
well to stop scraping you have to get the correct offset.....i dont know it but im sure someone will....

otherwise......18's fit ok - 8" wide with a 215 35 18 tyre on aslong as it's not to low !

mine catch occasionaly but i live in the sticks and it's low low low !

Deleted member 13581

Rash had 18" BBS CHs on his without problems and he was running really low.

As said above. Correct wheel offset is key.
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