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Ibiza Mk4 Sat Nav help please..

D Fox

I've got a 57 plate Ibiza FS 1.4 its got a VW MFD radio navigation system and cd changer. It all works great, but i was wondering if anyone knew what extra wiring i would need to put in one of the in car freeview boxes.

Pictures would be best if you could, or links them being sold.

Nov 6, 2008
hiya mate, cant help ya with the freeview boxes but i have a question for ya regarding ya MFD unit, which model have you got (MFD 1,2 or 3) and is it compatible with yr steering wheel controls and aux input?? i've been thinkin about an inbuilt unit for ages but cant find one compatible with the wheel controls

cheers mate

D Fox

Mine just says VW MFD Radio navigation system so must be one. I'm not sure if it works with AUX as i haven't tried mine yet, but it works with the controls on the right side, but not left. Hope i helped.
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