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  1. simonsen82

    turbo from 150 bhp? exhaust from face lifted mk4?

    Hello ive got two questions i think that my turbo is on its way (130 bhp diesel) basically after remap which ive done two months ago on low revs turbo whistles and secondly it smokes quite badly (and i think it is not as powerful as it was) . So i was wondering can i fit turbo from 150 bhp Leon...
  2. luke c

    coming back into mk4 ownership

    Had a ibiza fr a year of so back but decided to sell up for a alfa spider [B)] , unfortuanatly after a few weeks a tree jumped infront of and wrote it of :cry: . Gone through 3 other cars and a gsxr but still really miss the ibiza so im looking to buy again. Found this one on autotrader but does...
  3. RabReith89

    MK4 Cupra wheels on a MK3 Cupra

    Thinking about putting MK4 wheels on my MK3 Cupra what do u guys think?? Rab
  4. Jamie's 1.2 MK4 Eclipse Blue Ibiza

    Hey guys, got my car back in April and I'm now starting to move forward and get some stuff done to it, I have an LCR Splitter on order and I'm looking on eBay for some decent 16/17" alloys that should set it off nicely. When I bought the car it had quite a few scratches, some you can feel...
  5. Size of MK4 Ibiza front Speakers....

    Hello All, At the weekend I got abit giddy:clap: and blew my front left speaker... any one know the size of the speaker? Its a good excuse to start upgrading the sound system as the outside of the car is pretty much how I want it. Cheers Alex
  6. Tdi 'improvement' mk4 ibiza

    Hi guys, Kinda new to this turbo diesel thing (just got an 06 plate ibiza fr tdi) and looking for some help. Im looking to get good gains, but dont have enought money for a hybrid, yet...... Well next month the car is going in for a remap at vagtech, thought id get a stage one out the way, now...
  7. THE Mk4- BIG UPDATE PG2!!!!

    As some may know, I now have a Mk4 Ibiza Sport TDi, which I'm planning on keeping for a fair few years (4-5 maybe), and is going to be one big project over that time! I want to create a car which is good looking, fast, handle well but still be comfy enough to cruise around Europe. There...
  8. mk4 ages questions

    Im trading in my mk4 to the same dealer network that sold me it due to it being a lemon. its going in for another mk4 fr pd130 evactly same as my current one just a 08 plate on far fewer miles. I was just wondering are there any parts that wont be noticed missing that may be on my 55 plate fr...
  9. CupraOl

    Dealer trying to tell me that my MK4 didn't come with a plastic undertray...

    Hi To cut a long story short, I took my 2006 MK4 Cupra TDi to the local friendly stealer for a service, and the dealer decided to take my plastic undertray off (to change the oil presumably) and then not bother to put it back. :rolleyes: They are of course now denying all knowledge of any...
  10. ecosse1986

    Rub/squeaking mk4 ibiza

    Hi guys when i brake or when the ibiza is going over a speedbump theres like a rubbing/squeaking sound coming from the front suspension i think just wandering if anyone has had this problem?
  11. Pabs

    V-maxx Droplinks - mk4 Ibiza Cupra

    Hi Damien, Quick question for you if I can. I've got KW V1 coilovers for my mk4 ibiza cupra (2004). I need new droplinks, as the ones I have were broken when trying to replace the suspension. Can you let me know if the V-maxx droplinks (shorter) would be ok to use? I know the KW...
  12. Ibiza Mk4 Sat Nav help please..

    I've got a 57 plate Ibiza FS 1.4 its got a VW MFD radio navigation system and cd changer. It all works great, but i was wondering if anyone knew what extra wiring i would need to put in one of the in car freeview boxes. Pictures would be best if you could, or links them being sold. Thanks!
  13. uzi_cupra

    Aiming for the Masses - Uzi's 305BHP Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDi (MODs & Pictures on 1st post

    I bought my Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDi (pd 160) at the start of 2009. I've went through a few, to say the least, upgrade phases with some serious changes. Car was Dyno'd standard (with de-cat) at 173.4bhp and 259lb.ft torque Basic mods in first few months: Full HID conversion 6000k, inc fog...
  14. Chris_a_73

    Wheels to put on a 1.2 Ibiza Ref. Sport mk4??

    I've recently started driving, and bought my first car the other week. Obviously, like most other people, I'm like a little kid when it comes to my car as I just wanna make it look "cool" ;) I've currently got the standard 15" alloys on my Ibiza Reference Sport 1.2, but wanted something a...
  15. unerdanielson

    Where can I find Cupra Alloys for a Mk4 Ibiza?

    Where can I find Cupra Alloys for a Mk4 Ibiza? I'm currently running a 1.4 Ibiza Formula Sport (100HP) and was wanting to upgrade to Cupra wheels just to make it look a little better. I've read you can only fit 17's on an Ibiza without modifying the arches or the suspsension any help on this...
  16. Golf mk4 gti LSD

    Hi all will a Quaife LSD for a mk4 golf gti 5 speed fitment also fit the 5 speed box in my leon tdi 110?? Cheers :)
  17. Ant FR

    How to vent a mk4 Tdi

    Ok, done a search but still can;t see anyhting, but how do i vent a mk4 Cupra Tdi. Got odd looks the other night in the petrol station as i was serching for some magicle button to press etc, Anyone point me in the right direction please ???
  18. X_Lollypop_X

    Engine Start Issues MK4 SX 1.2

    Hi guys, I'm having a little bit of a problem, my car struggled to start this morning and I had to pump the accelorator when I tried to start it the second time, it then started fine and there was no problem. Went back out in the car it started fine but then 3 yards in front it stalled, ever...
  19. Just got my Mk4 Ibiza PD130....a few questions please!

    1 - In the service history, will the tick box saying 'Toothed belt' be the cambelt? Done at 70,000 - miles or km I don't know. Are the centre vent surrounds replaceable as one of mine is cracked and it's annoying lol That's all for now Cheers
  20. uzi_cupra

    My MK4 Ibiza 1.2 '03...turned into facelift...updated pics!!Resprayed, black roof!

    Hi guys this is one of my old cars, had this since around 2007. bought it cheap as interior and exterior were not in best of conditions. i have done much since then to make it what it is today. i will put up pictures of what it has ben through to show you guys the difference! enjoy before...
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