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Dealer trying to tell me that my MK4 didn't come with a plastic undertray...


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Mar 8, 2004
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To cut a long story short, I took my 2006 MK4 Cupra TDi to the local friendly stealer for a service, and the dealer decided to take my plastic undertray off (to change the oil presumably) and then not bother to put it back. :rolleyes:

They are of course now denying all knowledge of any plastic undertrays, evah, and even going as far as to say that my car never had one in the first place! :lol: Despite the fact that I saw it and I know it did, as did my last MK4, I'd be grateful if you could post here to confirm that your car has one, and also it'd be mega helpful if you could please give me the part number or ETKA/ETOS diagram reference!

Thanks very much.

One slightly miffed MK4 owner.


Ibiza PD170
Oct 3, 2007
Long time no speak mate :) How's your car doing?

It should defo have an undertray fitted. Don't back down on it. If it was there when your car went in, it should be there when it came out. They are quite pricey which is probably why the dealer is denying knowledge

Ant FR

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Feb 15, 2005
this is the one thing i don;t miss about SEATS, the delaers stink. after 3yrs being pampered by Mini and BMW i forgot how bad SEAT delaers are, they seem to have a huge habit of lying and blaming things on made up excuses.
Mar 13, 2008
Buggers!. My next door neighbour as a Merc, He took his in for its service which was around £500 i think it was, And when he got home he found that they took his boot mat and protector out and put an old one in there from another car!, Now he is pretty chilled guy but he wasnt half pissed off.

But ye dont back down mate, Its part of your car so you want it back, Its like saying no mate deffo no drivers seat in when we took it in!.



Going going gone.....
Oct 20, 2006
i think this it is, (i asume)

sound deadener 
under floor lining / sound deadener 
1 6Q0825237P 
sound deadener / for manual gearbox
/ diesel eng. 
1 6Q0825237P 
sound deadener / for manual gearbox / F >> 6L-3-070 500*
/ diesel eng.: ASY 
(1) 6Q0825237R 
sound deadener / F 6L-3-070 500>>*
/ diesel eng.: ASY 
(1) 6Q0825237T 
sound deadener / F >> 6L-2-013 000* / rework if necessary
/ otto engine 
(1) 6Q0825237R 
sound deadener / F 6L-2-013 001>>*
/ otto engine 
2 N 90533301 
C7,9X9,4X20 / diesel eng. 
3 N 0154391 
snap nut
ST4,8X16,5X13 / 
4 N 10327101 
speed nut
ST4,8 / diesel eng.; otto engine: 74KW>> 
5 N 90775001 
torx socket head panel screw / under floor lining / 4,8X16  
8 6Q0825201D 
under floor lining
left front / 
(8) 6Q0825202F 
under floor lining / adapt with workshop equipment
right front rework / otto engine/ diesel eng. diesel eng.: TDI


pocket rocket
Aug 10, 2008
my fr has a engine cover (ibiza 05 reg)
dont back down mate over this!! take it up the line, ask to speak to the manager...if that doesnt work then threaten with trading standards/police, im sure they will give it back!


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Mar 8, 2004
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if my car went in with an undertray and come back without one and they denied it had one id take me torx srewdriver up there and have one off a forcourt car if they can be cheeky then so can you.
you have my permission :cartman:
LOL! :cartman:

Well, the good news is that amazingly my car now DID come with one, and they are ordering me a new tray FOC and fitting it FOC too. :)

Thanks everyone for your posts, especially big_daddy with the diagram and part numbers.

Altech, YHPM matey.
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