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Jamie's 1.2 MK4 Eclipse Blue Ibiza


Apr 25, 2009
Newcastle, Staffs
Hey guys, got my car back in April and I'm now starting to move forward and get some stuff done to it, I have an LCR Splitter on order and I'm looking on eBay for some decent 16/17" alloys that should set it off nicely.

When I bought the car it had quite a few scratches, some you can feel easily and some arn't so bad. I bought some T-Cut Wax and did the whole car today, I'm notoriously bad at washing cars but went ahead with the two bucket method for the first time and the results are a lot better, still not as good as most but it's got a nice shine. Interior will be started on tomorrow providing it doesn't rain!

Mods done so far:
Retrofit Aerotwin wipers on front
Alpine CDE104BTi Head unit

On the charts:
LCR Splitter
Rear 20mm spacers

Few pictures after cleaning today:

I did miss a few parts cleaning it, the skirts on the car didn't get much of a wash and the wheel arches as I was too eager to get started on the scratches! Just one that I need to get cracking on ASAP which is the one on the left side repeater which is the only one I did! (Worse than the others though ;)

Most of the scratches on the car as due to the last owner which I can only assume was a woman as they are mostly but the drivers door and the boot where her nails have scratched it.

Constructive criticism is appreciated!
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