1. Adam1101

    2019 Leon Cupra (290) Hatch - Build Thread

    Build and general ownership thread for my Leon Cupra 290 in Mystery Blue The modifications list will get updated in this post as time goes on. Modifications - Pipercross foam panel filter (Installed) Aluminium DSG Paddles extensions (Installed) DSG Gear Knob Carbon Fibre Covers (in the...
  2. mini_hammy

    boost and blue smoke

    well lately a have seeing blue smoke and when i reverse i can really smell burnt oil like its coming out of the exhaust and also its holding 5psi then dropping to 3psi and am having boost spikes not often tho 17963 P1555 Charge Pressure Upper Limit exceeded does this sound like...
  3. Blue Ibiza 1.4 sport

    okay heres my car had it a while now and will soon probaly be selling it as i am going uni :( Things i have done so far are: Front face lift bumper Smoothed Rear cupra bumper Mirror Polished audi tt comps Lowerd on AP coilovers Sub and amp etc so not much done but i think it looks...
  4. Natty Blue Wax??

    Hi i have a blue cupra n have been reading about natty blue wax and was just wondering where i could buy this? thanks:)
  5. DaNnY_LaD

    Bent Rods lol Piccys now up...

    Right I thought id make a new thread to see what people think it is.. Last saturday I had my LCR Pressure Tested up to 1bar to see if there was any Vac Leaks Which anyway we found 3.... The 13miles drive home i was still blowing smoke out the back really badly which im guessing was the old...
  6. auq

    Indigo blue clocks in LCR

    I was wondering if its possible to change the bulbs for the blue led indigo type used in the golfs, as i imagine this would look amazing!!!!
  7. Eclipse Blue Ibiza with a Cupra rear bumper picture?

    Does anyone have a picture of an Eclipse Blue Ibiza with a Cupra rear bumper on it? im pretty sure im going to get one next month but i wanted to know what it would look like in that colour? Or will I be the 1st?!:D
  8. my imperial blue leon cupra

    well here it is bought it in december 09 not done much to it new wheels, 007p dv, painted calipers, lcr backbox, cone filter courtesy of danny lad, painted engine cover, and a good scrub lol. plans for the future are lower, facelift cupra kit, fmic, jetex filter, remap full s/steel exhaust...
  9. IvorBign's Eclipse Blue Sport 130. Now Selling :(

    Hello All! I bought this car a couple of weeks ago and have loved every minute of it!! some of you may recognise it from a few years back! Oh and yes i know its a lil multi-coloured but i cant afford to get that sorted, ill just have to live with it for now. Please not none of the work on...
  10. mklock

    leon FR Nayara blue

    Has anyone seen a leon FR in Nayara blue? I cant seem to find a pic
  11. CupraDean

    speed blue cupra?

    just wondering if anyone has got one yet? and if so if they could put up a picture or 2 of it :) As i have looked on site and cant actually find one. Thanks
  12. Anyone have a 'brisa blue' ibiza

    Does anyone have a brisa blue ibiza that is moded or customised or am i the only one on here who has that colour lol!
  13. Chocozai

    Choco's Obnoxious Blue 1.2 S.

    Good day! Hope we are all feeling fine today! I've recently become a proud part of the Seat brotherhood, and after some interest has been shown towards me, I've decided to make my own reader's ride thread. First of all, I believe I need to tell you about the mentality behind my car's...
  14. lynchy

    pic request, blue with white wheels + blue with black/anthracite wheels

    i have a metallic blue cupra 180 and im tempted with either white or black wheels. pics would be a great help. i even thought maybe white wheels with white stripes etc along the bottom of the doors? thanks
  15. Blue Smoke!!!

    Hi Guys, I've just been parked up with the engine running for about 20mins waiting to meet a friend of mine so the car was ticking over. When i came to set off there was a great ploom of blue smoke came from my exhaust so obviously i cacked my pants, i've driven back to work and the blue...
  16. NottsLCR

    Yellow or blue spring???

    I currently have a Forge Split R in full recirc mode and just realised I still have the standard spring! Currently running stage 2 on my LCR with mods in my signaure so would you say I need the yellow spring rated 15-23 PSI or blue rated Blue - 23-30 PSI? Cheers
  17. Blue wire on Fakra conector

    Hi does anyone know which coloured wire on the loom or where the best place is to connect the blue wire from a fakra aerial adaptor when fitting an aftermarket HU into a FR please? regards Paul
  18. AntneeUK

    Red, black or blue

    Looking through people's RR threads I see a few different choices regarding the colour-scheme for your hoses in the engine bay. I'm starting to plan a couple of things like TIP, FMIC etc and have been having a perv over the Forge website. I've noticed that some of their silicon hoses are...
  19. cupra-gaz

    quick blue flame exhaust question

    hey all, ordered a cat back system at christmas and finally went to get it fitted today only to get a fone call about an hour later saying it couldnt be fitted coz of the difference in bore diameter as the bf system is 2.5 inch :cry: my question is, is there any way it can be fitted without...
  20. greesha

    Greesha's - imperial blue cupra

    Hello :) i'm a member and a proud leon owner for more than a year now so I think its time to post something about it. I bought it in January 2009 and it is pretty much my first owned car. Leather interior. 83k miles on the clock. FSH. It was second Leon I went to look at. When i bought...
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