1. Jamie's 1.2 MK4 Eclipse Blue Ibiza

    Hey guys, got my car back in April and I'm now starting to move forward and get some stuff done to it, I have an LCR Splitter on order and I'm looking on eBay for some decent 16/17" alloys that should set it off nicely. When I bought the car it had quite a few scratches, some you can feel...
  2. Cupra_Jay

    Jamie's Mk4 Ibiza Cupra...219bhp & 244ft/lb 11.4.13 - Exhaust =D

    Not got a thread in here yet so thought i'd put one in Brought it brand new in June last year..only had 5 miles on the clock!! [B)] First mod to it was a DVD flip out head unit, isnt the best of qualities but does the job quiet well...and it seems that lots of women like it...
  3. jamie paton

    jamie paton's black LCR

    heres how my car has progressed this year . refurbed my brembo's then new wheels. finally new LCR alloys. and pressed plates and hid's. finished till next year now :)
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