1. Eclipse Blue Ibiza with a Cupra rear bumper picture?

    Does anyone have a picture of an Eclipse Blue Ibiza with a Cupra rear bumper on it? im pretty sure im going to get one next month but i wanted to know what it would look like in that colour? Or will I be the 1st?!:D
  2. IvorBign's Eclipse Blue Sport 130. Now Selling :(

    Hello All! I bought this car a couple of weeks ago and have loved every minute of it!! some of you may recognise it from a few years back! Oh and yes i know its a lil multi-coloured but i cant afford to get that sorted, ill just have to live with it for now. Please not none of the work on...
  3. Jamie's 1.2 MK4 Eclipse Blue Ibiza

    Hey guys, got my car back in April and I'm now starting to move forward and get some stuff done to it, I have an LCR Splitter on order and I'm looking on eBay for some decent 16/17" alloys that should set it off nicely. When I bought the car it had quite a few scratches, some you can feel...
  4. JR750

    eclipse blue polish

    Is this polish suitable for my eclipse blue Ibiza TDi, or is there a better one? Also, is this any good -...
  5. DonniD1991

    DONNID's eclipse blue ibiza 1.2 New pictures !!!!

    though i would do a reader ride thread to show everyone my motor. av had the car for around a year and a half now and didn't start modding it till bout 6 mounth ago its a working progress still have a long list of mods i would like No power mods really as its only a 1.2 just asthetic really...
  6. MartinDov

    Ibiza MK4 1.2 - Eclipse Blue

    Here is my 2004, 53 plate, SEAT Ibiza 1.2 in eclipse blue. Had it for just 5months now and time to start some work I reckon.. Firstly want some new alloys maybe rear tints. Just ordered aero front wiper today as fed up of standards. SX Standard Alloys
  7. JR750

    Tcut for light scratches (Eclipse Blue)?

    Hi, I've just bought a seat tdi which is in good condition overall but there are a few light scratches around the bodywork. Would T-cut be ok to use on these scratches and does anybody know which polish/tcut i need to get for Eclipse Blue? Do Halfords sell it? Thanks Mike
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