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  1. gex18

    MK4 Ibiza Cupra - Fault codes 17748 and 16395

    Since owning this car back n october 2009, it never seems to be as quick as i'd expect it to be, so hooked it up to VAG-COM today (cheers EZ Tutty), and got the following fault codes : 17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Incor. Correlation 16395 - Bank 1...
  2. Are mk4 golf 312mm brake calipers and carriers the same as audi tt ones ??

    Ive been offered a pair of 312mm brakes with the carriers and calipers from a mk4 golf and wondered if there the same as a audi TT which was my first initial choice. I thought the mk4 golf calipers were the same as my mk 4 ibiza fr tdi ones except different size carriers.Or are the calipers...
  3. mk4 alloys on mk5 ibiza's

    just wanted to make sure the mk4 and the mk5 have the same stud pattern/bore size etc before i order new wheels cheers dave
  4. How to remove drivers seat? - Ibiza mk4

    I am looking for some help, I need to fix the cables under my seat for the airbag... Can anyone tell be how I get the seat off the rails? and what tools I would need for this?
  5. Dazz 1989

    Which mk4 - petrol or diesel?

    Hi people, I am very new to this site, However i am very serious about becoming a Seat owner. Just need some advice on what to buy? I know i want an mk4 Ibiza, but do i have the 1.4tdi or do i have a 1.4 (petrol) sport. I would like a 1.9tdi but cant afford the insurance. I have 5,500 in my...
  6. mk4 adaptions list

    looking for an adaptions list for vagcom as i would like to learn how to do them, tried searching but couldnt find a proper list....anyone who knows can u add them. Set them like so, someone fancy finishing this one as i literally dont know any lol, just tht wee bit. MK4 Ibiza Alarm...
  7. carlt69

    New MK4 ibiza owner, Some issues

    Hi We've just got a 03 plate Ibiza sport 130bhp Diesel, and I have couple of questions 1. the steering wheel isn't straight even thoough the car is going in a straight line?? Is this a common fault or should I take it back to be looked at? They did replace the bushes before we...
  8. ibiza mk4 factory fit xenons

    had my mk4 fr for 2 yrs and for some reason the left hand xenon which has been working fine will go off, then on then off then on then stays off, so i turn my lights off and back on and then it might be fine for a few hours or a day or 2 im thinking it may be the ballast how much are these,
  9. ib04tom

    Mk4 FR long over due update

    Not had the ibiza long really and over winter not be arsed to do much but now i got the ball rolling.Anyway prev car was a 306 1.9 dturbo Had a fair few things done but wont go into it on here Have to say sorry right not for terrible camera phone pics As it is at the mo Picked up some...
  10. Seat Ibiza FR 1.9tdi Progress thread!!

    2006 Seat Ibiza FR 1.9tdi List of power/handling mods: Sachs organic clutch, green panel filter, pd160 intake, milltek exhaust (decat to be done,) FMIC, Stage 1 remap, 20mm spacers on rear, Rear Jabba anti roll bar, Audi TT front discs. List of other mods: Front FR badge, Red vinyl at...
  11. MK5 Wheels on a MK4

    Sorry to post another will these wheels fit thread but i need to know if 16"x7j et54 mk5 Ibiza alloys with 215/45/R16 86H tyres would fit my 2005 MK4? Thanks Andy
  12. thomasa

    Tom A`s MK4 Ibiza 180 Tdi *Cruise Control - Being Scrapped

    SPECS Interior Liquid Guage 12" Alpine Sub + Amp Kenwood KDC7534U, bluetooth + USB MP3 Exterior 17" TSW alloys with Yokahoma Parada 2 Tyres Areo wipers front and rear Engine BMC CDA Intake Seat Sport FMIC Spitfire Performace Hard Pipes + EGR Delete Last weekend had FMIC and...
  13. My Red Ibiza 1.9 TDI FR Mk4

    This is my baby lol, hope you like. More to come soon :)
  14. DanLewis1991

    which exhausts do you have on your mk4?

    hey guys looking for some pics of your exhausts. its about time i put one on and im unsure which one to go for. quite like the look of duals... (crappy paint edit)
  15. MrSpazzaneve's Ibiza mk4 Cupra TDI- pics added

    Model: Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI 04/2006 (i hope that the traduction is right :rolleyes: ) most recent modify Exterior: - white bright light by Eurolite - white beam by Eurolite - 6 led position lights by Simoni racing - smoked sidelight lamp - 75% black tinted back glass by Doctor glass -...
  16. Will 5x112 Et42 fit mk4 ibiza??????

    Just wanted to know if i can get 17" 5x112 ET42 to fit my ibiza??? Done a search, but can see as any1 has! :(
  17. mk4 pd100 remap

    hi im new , just wondering what figures people are pushing from remapping ther pd100 ibiza and where they got it done cheers
  18. Ibiza Mk4 Rear Screen

    Mine smashed on Sunday, and all of the glass companies I've called are saying that it will now be 2-3 weeks before they can source the glass. This is backed up by all of the local dealers that I've called, as well as a large stockholding company/ wholesaler who has said that these have been on...
  19. MK4 Cupra Power loss, then fine again?

    I was driving last night and accelerating in 3rd, reached about 3500 rpm and suddenly a loss of power. The car was completely dead the whole way home. (felt as if no turbo). Stopped the engine and restarted it, just before home and it was fine again. Any suggestions as to what it could...
  20. mk4 rear wiper

    Hi, i know this is a known fault on ibiza's , polo's and fabia's but any ideas on how to stop the screenwash hose blowing off the motor/ or the joint before that (behind the o/s/r/seatbelt mount) would be appreciated.. I've tried wrapping ducktape around the hose that plugs into the motor...
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