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  1. Mk4 ibiza alarm siren location

  2. PH1L NI

    Ibiza MK4 Aero Kit

    I have plenty of pictures of people who have the sideskirts and front bumper of this kit.. But nobody seems to have any photos of the rear part of the kit fitted and painted? Anyone post any here, please? :)
  3. Damoegan

    mk4 cupra clutch/flywheel

    Clutch is now slipping so as it needs replacing I migh as well upgrade it :) It looks like the mk4 Ibiza Cupra (20VT) has a o2R box (GVZ code) which is a updated version of the o2J. So I'm looking at a VR6/G60 clutch/flywheel.... Would this setup work ok with my box? Also looking at this...
  4. My Mk4 Ibzia Cupra + Oldies

    Hey people, I ‘m fairly new to the site despite being on my 2nd Ibiza Cupra and owning my current one for over 2 years! Just thought I’d put a few pics up of my cars (Past and present) tell you all a bit about them. At the moment I’m driving a fairly standard 1.8T Ibiza Cupra – I recently put a...
  5. barney501

    mk4 Ibiza Cupra

    Well all starts back in september 2008 when i picked this little beauty up from Bournemouth Seat with 9k on the clock and for £8995 it was mine with two previous owners, one being Seat. Was going to do the usual re-map etc then as per usual bi the bug like most of my other previous cars, here...
  6. Mickylad

    Mk4 Ibiza Mats

    Has anyone got a part number for these and how much they would cost roughly from the dealer?
  7. Does the mk4 gearbox need the 16mm spline piece?

    For the drain and fill plugs. Planning on sticking some 75/90 fully synthetic in there as I don't think it's been done in 109k. Cheers
  8. WeeG

    Will leon fr 17" alloys mk2 fit on an ibiza mk4?

    Will leon fr mk2 17 inch alloys fit on an ibiza 1.2 mk4? ANy help appreciated!
  9. mk4 golf 130 pd tdi fuel usage/low power

    hi guys need some advise i have a mk4 golf which i fitted a 2003 130 pd tdi 6speed into which as run like a dream tbh , but these pass few months mpgs and power seems sluggish until the turbo comes in . i replaced and bought a brand new 130 tdi turbo unit ,the engine starts first time every...
  10. MK4 ibiza 1.8T 20v dump valve.

    hi, got an ibiza 20vT a few months ago and was thinking of getting a dump valve. been told it wouldnt make much noise tho. is this true or any1 know what one to get or any info?? the car is just standerd with no mods, cheers.
  11. adam_may

    My new MK4 Ibiza FR

    Got this last week, comments welcome :) Cheers Adam
  12. What next?? MK4 TDI Sport

    Ive got a MK4 TDI sport(130) pushing 175bhp, its got a jabbasport map and panel filter, im thinking of getting the PD160 intake, any other little tweaks for abit more power that dont cost an arm and leg?? also i want bigger brakes at the front, whats the cheapest/best to go for? cheers.
  13. karizma_fas

    Returning from the Dark Side: New owner of a Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI

    HI all, I have moved from the dark side (Leon Cupra R) to bying a Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI :happy: Had an Ibiza Mk3 for my 1st car so doing a u TURN. Really happy with it, bit strange with the diesel noise but it's awesome when not at the fuel pump every 3 days! Garage attendant is missing...
  14. MrNorma

    MrNorma's MK4 FR - Dead Fred

    Well been here long enough so i think its about time i put together a readers ride thread. It all started 2 years ago with the purchase of a fully standard Mk4 Seat Ibiza Fr 1.8t. This lasted for about 6 months and long came a remap from chipboost. The day after the remap i started to...
  15. Mickylad

    Seat Ibiza TDi Mk4

    So the C2 was sold at the start of January there, fancied something a bit different and preferably diesel as I could be commuting to Uni next year. Looked about at various Mk5 Golfs, Polos etc. but most of them were high mileage English cars which I would rather have avoided. Found a clean...
  16. Mk4 Golf Aero wipers/arms don't fit?

    Hi all, recently bought the mk4 golf r32 aero wipers and arms, went to fit them today and the passenger side wiper is too long? It fouls the windscreen surround which makes it not lie flat and it looks cack! Obviously I've been a doofus but I thought these were a straight swap - am I...

    Mk4 Ibiza Upgrade Newbie - Advice on where to start and what to upgrade?

    Hi All, I thought I'd start my first decent post with a completely open discussion on upgrading my 2006 Mk 4 Seat Ibiza 1.9 PD130 TDi FR. I'm new to the upgrade market but working with a bunch of petrol heads who spend their weekends gallivanting around the country, taking part in various...
  18. PH1L NI

    Ibiza MK4 Cupra Bumper

    I have a 2007 Facelift Ibiza Sport with the facelift bumper and I was just wondering if I needed different fog lights to fit the Ibiza Cupra Bumper? I have a price from David SERE for the bumper, cupra fog light surrounds and grilles etc but I need to know if my existing fog lights...
  19. shox

    Some Ibiza mk4 1.4 Sport Pictures =)

    Hey everyone, weather was good these days (well, cold but sunny) so i decided to wash my ibiza and take some shots of it. So what the heck, i thought, lets share! If anyone wants the full resolution image let me know =) ps. Leave a message if u liked them =)
  20. tooly1

    euro rims 15' or 16' and lowering springs and shocks

    :p euro wheels for my mk4 ibiza looking to spend up to 250 ish second hand if poss i dont really know where to look and springs and shocks lowered to either 40 or 45 mm need abit of advice as i still want a level stance if you know what i mean! prices etc would consider decent second hand ...
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