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1.8T can I remove the centre exhaust box?


the center exhaust section, i think its just a muffler, can i change this to a straght through section to join the OEM rear box

i know i may have to get it welded

just wondered if it would make the exhaust note better and give a little more performance, not that i need the performance


also any meets in the guildford area coming up
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did this on LCR's milltek system, no performance from it but a much better sound.

to do it you have to get a piece of exhaust pipe with an internal diameter which is 1-3 mil bigger than the external of your existing pipe.

the milltek is 70 mm e/d i got stainless pipe with 76mm ed and wall thickness of 1.5 mm, so the internal diameter was 73mm, just about perfect.

welded it in there with stainless stell welding wire, jobs a gud un.

dont know what the standard pipe diameter of your car will be though
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