1. 1.4 150 petrol vs 2.0 184 diesel

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone has driven both of these FR petrol and diesel models? How do they compare? They both have very similar 0-60s on paper even though the diesel has 34 more BHP and a lot more torque which confused me a little.
  2. Bendubiard_

    Fmic help !

    Hi guys, been looking into getting a fmic for my leon cupra whilst i got this time off for the lockdown and ive been looking at a few universal kits on ebay but they all seem to have the dodgy looking pipes coming out the sides of the intercooler that just look gross when fitted cause you lose...
  3. New car! Leon 1.6

    Hi everyone! I have just purchased a Leon 1.6 Petrol 2008. Very clean and low mileage at 50,000miles. I picked it up to be my daily/run-about car. I also own a Honda Civic Type R (EP3) , which is my bit of fun. Very impressed with the Leon and refreshing to get into coming from a plastic Jap...
  4. hi guys, new car, problems- hesitancy, petrol flap, locks, strange hole in engine

    hi guys, 2002 tdi leon, just got today, when driving home i noticed bit hesitant going up through the gears almost holding back then letting go (all very quickly) then driving ok, then doing same again? any ideas?? also fuel flap doesnt work, figured out by pulling carpets in boot that i...
  5. Regular vrs super unleaded petrol

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm getting a new Cupra in June and I was wondering if it will have to be run on super-unleaded. Does the extra 6p a litre in fuel types give you much benefit in economy/performace? Does it give better effeciency as you get more miles per gallon? Does...
  6. 1.8T can I remove the centre exhaust box?

    the center exhaust section, i think its just a muffler, can i change this to a straght through section to join the OEM rear box i know i may have to get it welded just wondered if it would make the exhaust note better and give a little more performance, not that i need the performance...
  7. itfben

    is premium petrol worth putting in my 1.6?

    Iv been putting V-power or the equivilant premium petrol into my 1.6 Leon since the day i got it a month or so back, but the other day i saw on the inside of the flip out cap it says 91/95 i m guessing this refferes to the octane of petrol does this mean i shouldnt put it in? I do feel like im...
  8. What petrol for a Leon cupra 1.8T?

    Hi everyone, i have only owned my leon cupra T for a week now, it was running perfect but then when i refilled up using a ASDA fuel station, it started to run lumpy and rough.... holding back and everything. I since refilled again but using normal fuel at a texaco garage, and its been fine...
  9. Cupra Petrol MPG?? And be Honest

    HI I have just sold me ep3 Type r to get a Cupra TDI but know after looking for one i have got a feeling i wont be able to find one they are all to hi milage or to new and out my price range (i have a bout 7 to 7.5k) So am still like in the Cupra but the petrol but what you all getting to...
  10. petrol? Super or normal?

    just looking for opinions and views. Does any one really feel a difference running on super unleaded? Any advantages like mpg etc ? Thanks chris
  11. twin2189


    my ibiza is crap on fuel get 300 motorway miles anything i can do to make the petrol go a little further???
  12. SeanyK

    Would you px your Cupra Petrol for a Cupra TDI if...?

    Hey folks, So i've been offered a tantalising (does anyone ever use that word?) deal... A Cupra TDI same year as mine (ok if we are being pedantic its a few months newer), roughly same miles (20K) etc. BUT I'd have to pay £2000 on top for it. Clearly the question is , how long...
  13. 1.8t FR remap (petrol)

    Looking at the FR as a potential car. I've read engine will remap to 190ish is that correct? How would it fair against a 17/82 Clio?? What's a rough 0-60 time for a remapped FR? (I know 0-60 means very little) I was after a Clio for a while but decided I want boost so want to know how they...
  14. Cupra Steve

    What type of petrol

    Hi all, this may sound like a very stupid question but..... im picking up my Mk2 Cupra on Tuesday and was wondering 'do i need to put Super Unleaded petrol in or just normal Unleaded'??? Just with it being a Turbo.... wasnt sure!:confused:
  15. petrol fr economy?????

    hi i am new to and am amazed at all the stuff on here. pretty much everything to do with leons!!!:)! i am currently looking for a leon fr petrol for around £10,500 07 or newer and with as little miles as possible. I was looking at a tdi but as the misses only does 12 miles to...
  16. markgb

    Petrol / Diesel Exhaust

    Hi all, Are the petrol Leon Cupra and diesel (PD130) have the same exhaust sizes? I know the LC and LCR are different.
  17. Dazz 1989

    Which mk4 - petrol or diesel?

    Hi people, I am very new to this site, However i am very serious about becoming a Seat owner. Just need some advice on what to buy? I know i want an mk4 Ibiza, but do i have the 1.4tdi or do i have a 1.4 (petrol) sport. I would like a 1.9tdi but cant afford the insurance. I have 5,500 in my...
  18. jc_boc

    Petrol flap

    Just a question to gauge what you guys think. Does any one else here perhaps think that the petrol flap should have been flush with the body and not have the little exposed section where you put your finger in to open it? I still can't decide if it is ok or not. Just looking at the rear of the...
  19. Petrol Cap Problems RRRR

    I have a mk1 leon and for some reason unknown to me the petrol cap will not open when i press the button it makes a mechanical sound as if its acknowledged it and something maybe moveing but it doesnt open the cap i have to pull it open with my nails and iv noticed today the clip has started to...
  20. BP Ultimate vs Shell V Power petrol.

    hi as the topic says, which fuel is better, what is Your opinion and why?.
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