1. GMAN79

    Double din lower console for sale

    Hi all Not sure if this is the right place for this thread. I have a like new double din lower centre console for sale for Seat Leon. Perfect for those of you that have changed the dashboard centre console for the double din version and lost your ashtray. As already stated, its like new. I...
  2. vt-marty

    centre exit K1 backbox on CR FR tdi?

    guys, my new FR 170 Cr is in transit and will get the aero kit fitted once it arrives at my dealer. i have wanted the centre exit backbox off the K1 petrol car fitting since day one. the dealer is ordering bodykit parts as we speak and tells me "Just been informed from parts there is no...
  3. centre cap

    does anybody know where i can find one of these or even has one spare i can buy and please dont say ebay i ckeck every week and no luck (the centre cap im on about will be my display pic ok )
  4. 1.8T can I remove the centre exhaust box?

    the center exhaust section, i think its just a muffler, can i change this to a straght through section to join the OEM rear box i know i may have to get it welded just wondered if it would make the exhaust note better and give a little more performance, not that i need the performance...
  5. anyone painted interior parts, centre console etc. pics?

    looking for pics of painted interior parts whether it be dash, centre console. handles etc.....not seen many threads with it done so im after some inspiration
  6. Centre caps robbed*****!!!!

    Hey guys just had my original cupra centre caps robbed (annoyed) where is te best place to get em and price. I thinking of just putting centre badges and painting the bolts? Any Ideas?
  7. Removing the centre console surround

    Any ideas the part that goes around the climate control and headunit etc. Pics would be better if possible, need to remove it so i can get it skinned :)
  8. suj

    ABF Centre Silencer

    Ok so i got my mk3 exhaust and went to swap over, and noticed the magnex is a full catback, so the pipe is different :confused: by different i mean it doesn't end where the back box should be does the 8v centre silencer fit? or is the ABF totally different? if so how much is it from a motors...
  9. Centre brake light

    Ive done a search and i cant find anything ... My centre brake light has stopped working. Can someone help me please? The other 2 brake lights work. :( Thanks
  10. james walker

    exhaust centre pipe

    guys, looking at a blueflame rear box replacement as mine has blown, now the price is 170quid for rear box, 300 for cat back, 130 quid is steep for a silenced centre section imo. i know lee69 has done tdi centre section which doesnt have a silencer in and he noticed quicker spool up times...
  11. vroomtshh

    Cupra Wheel centre caps

    Took delivery of my third et of wheel centre caps today. the last two sets water have got in and ruined them. Has anyone tried laquering them to stop it? Or would a few coats f wax do the trick?
  12. SalSheikh

    Home Made Centre Vent Gauge Trim

    guys, started a new thread as i moved some pics in my photobucket account and lost the links :blink: started with this: then removed the rollers after some advice today a bit more work done... i removed my centre vents and firstly found this: so i cut it out with my...
  13. Veyron

    Where can i get a seat centre cap for alloys?

    Hi, i got my Ibiza sport wheels yesterday but after going to the poles and getting a jet wash i noticed my seat cap from the middle has gone on one of them and was wondering where i could buy a new one and how to stick it on so it doesnt fall off. Thanks
  14. Centre console armrest

    I am thinking of purchasing a centre console armrest for my SC Coupe . Does anyone have any experience of fitting it themselves as I would attempt it if not too difficult.My local dealer wants to charge £70 to install. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  15. DanLewis1991

    Centre Sun Visor..

    Anyone got any pics?
  16. rs4 centre cap help

    hi guys ive got ps4 wheels on my lcr, have managed to loose a centre cap, gonna order some off ebay but arnet 100% of the size and cba to take a wheel off just to get a centre cap out and measure, does anyone know what size these centre caps are....
  17. paul6316

    Leon Cupra r Centre caps

    Does anybody know where I can get four new centre caps for my cupra r and how much they might be. Part number is 6HO 601171 C/D
  18. JamJay

    TDi Exhaust Centre Section

    Hey all. I caught wind a while ago that the TDI 150 exhaust centre section will fit petrol Leon's, being the same length and shape, yet being unresonated. Is this true? If so, does anyone know what size it is? I am hoping 2.5" as I might try replacing the resonated centre section on the LCR...
  19. vt-marty

    FR 170 CR with K1 centre exit exhaust...is it ok?? any troubles doing this?

    very close to closing the deal on a FL FR 170 tdi CR with DSG. im getting priced up for the K1 / Aero kit with the single centre exhaust. on of my quoting dealers tells me that seat dont seem to recommend the K1 centre exit exhaust for the Cr 170... anyone fitted this exhaust to a PD or CR...
  20. alexfr10

    FR Centre caps / Gel badges

    I have decided to get my wheels done black, and have discovered that SEAT do centre caps in black at about £24 for 4 which is good, but i would like to get some FR caps or gel badges made up so that they are different. there are a few companies that i have contacted and the prices range from...
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