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  1. nightflight

    DPF Info - All CR-TDI Owners Should Read This

    rather than the wishy washy paragraph in the manual, this is what all cr-tdi owners should be told with their new car. VAG DISESEL PARTICULATE FILTERS Courtesy of David Bodily Volkswagen Technical Support Specialist Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Detailed below is important information...
  2. gaffer1986

    All DPF Owners

    I am starting a thread to try and determine how many DPF owners are on this website and how many problems people are having, whilst taking into the account the sort of driving they do. This thread may help provide people with ammunition to get SEAT to sort their DPFs out if they play up. I...
  3. RachIbiza

    Diesel owners! Miles per tank?!

    soooo the eternal question, how many miles do you all get per tank? as i've now started driving to work its become important and after the remap too - so tell me, how many miles do you get? :)
  4. 1.8T can I remove the centre exhaust box?

    the center exhaust section, i think its just a muffler, can i change this to a straght through section to join the OEM rear box i know i may have to get it welded just wondered if it would make the exhaust note better and give a little more performance, not that i need the performance...
  5. warren_cox

    Calling all ITG CAI Maxogen owners on 2.0T engines...

    I had the chance last week to do some extensive high load testing of the car, and came up with some of the following findings. Lack of linearity in the power delivery I was getting a slightly flat/surge power delivery at times depending on what under bonnet temps the car was running at. After...
  6. t0m

    Milltek Cupra R owners in here please

    I need some Cupra R owners side view & back end photo's of the Milltek system fitted on your Cupra R's, and also if anyone wants to show off their video's of the system in action please do :) The video's I've seen haven't really convinced me, but with AMD not far away and free fitting if I...
  7. robdf2

    Alternative for K1 owners

    Saw this on the road yesterday and could not believe someone would want to copy the SEAT body crap er i mean kit sorry , so if you own a K1 and get bored with it here is the ideal replacement http://www.netcarshow.com/fiat/2009-500_abarth/
  8. This will please all freetrack owners!!

    I share a driveway with some other houses and we had a major dumping of snow last night of around 4-5 inches or so. While walking the dogs i watched my neighbour in his landrover freelander make several attemps at trying to pull out of the end of the drive on to the road before giving...
  9. hoggy90

    For all you diesel owners!!

    OK, dont know if im the only sad person thats done this lol but on saturday night i put 10 pounds worth of bp ultimate in my car...at around 117p per litre....once i put it in i reset my fuel guage meter thing....so i ran my car from the very first line on the fuel guage, put diesel in...and ive...
  10. James_LCR

    Revo Stage 1 Remap Owners - Boost and Timing Levels?

    Just looking to see what boost and timing levels (and with what modifications) you guys are running with for Revo Stage 1 remap. At the moment I'm running, - Boost = 7 - Timing = 6 And running on Tescos finest super unleaded (99 ron) with 007p dv and drilled airbox. Cheers
  11. odd-head

    calling all v5 owners with sat nav units!!

    hello fellow v5 owners i need someone with the double din sat nav system in there car to take there sat nav cd out and tell me what the cd has written on it? much appreciated myles
  12. ChrisGTL

    Any Ex MK1 Cupra owners??

    Are any of you MK2 Cupra drivers ex MK1 cupra drivers? I got a mk1 tdi fr with mods, looking at upgrading to something newer, mk2 cupra or K1 maybe. Just wanted to know your views on the pros/cons over a MK1 Cupra/Cupra R. What do you like/dislike over the MK1, does the MK2 need any...
  13. Any Ibiza II GTi owners in Nth Yorks?

    Hey all! Newbie here from Nth Yorks, is there any Ibiza II Gti 16valver peeps knocking around my neck of the woods as they all seem to be "dominated" by skidmarks in corsa's...i'd rather be at home with my own breed thanks!....and i ain't no shrinking violet too! :D
  14. Pabs

    Mk4 ibiza cupra/fr rear engine cover support bracket part no needed

    Hey all, I'm looking for some assistance from a helpful mk4 ibiza cupra/fr owner. For some very strange reason, I have a component missing from my car, of which part numbers don't seem to exist, and SEAT are unable to get me a replacement. I can't find it on ETKA either. In basic terms...
  15. RickyD1975

    What are '07 Cupra Owners doing with their 3 year old cars?

    I'm interested to find out what '07 Cupra owners will be doing with their 3 year old Cupra's. My car will be 3 years old next month and due its 1st MOT. I still have 1 service left as part of the service plan in December and will most likely keep the car for another year after that. I have...
  16. Cupra R 2010 owners's manual

    anyone got a pdf of the owner's manual in english ? the one i got in my car is in spanish! thanks
  17. Altea XL 170 tdi PD owners

    Dear All, Can you post the average MPG you get on an average drive and also how many miles you have done on one single tank of diesel. Just wanted to know if the remap has made a little difference. Kinjamin
  18. ib04tom

    Mk4 FR long over due update

    Not had the ibiza long really and over winter not be arsed to do much but now i got the ball rolling.Anyway prev car was a 306 1.9 dturbo Had a fair few things done but wont go into it on here Have to say sorry right not for terrible camera phone pics As it is at the mo Picked up some...
  19. JamJay

    Weitec Owners, Your Reviews Please!

    Hi all. Up until 2wks ago I was dead set on buying a fixed suspension package from KW but knowing me, i'll hate the way the car looks in 6mths and want to lower it more so I have been looking at coilovers now. I refuse to pay £700 for KW V1's when the same thing exists from Weitec which are the...
  20. envycordoba

    is it me or are the cordy owners slowly getting less

    Where are all the cordy's going we used to have some good threads on here like f2 stu's beast but it seems they are getting less and less. I know there are some good ones out there as i've seen them. we need to get them back out there. anyone with projects etc post them up here. see if we can...
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