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Oct 13, 2009
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Hi guys,
Kinda new to this turbo diesel thing (just got an 06 plate ibiza fr tdi) and looking for some help. Im looking to get good gains, but dont have enought money for a hybrid, yet......
Well next month the car is going in for a remap at vagtech, thought id get a stage one out the way, now then, im also tempted to endulge in a straight exhaust and a pd160 intake with a new panel filter. But other than that what can I do to get some power gains, also i would like to get the car ready for a hybrid pd150 :happy:


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Mar 6, 2009
Hello and welcome to this forum. :wave:

To get more power you could change the injectors and/or turbo, for cooling get a FMIC (Front Mounted Inter-Cooler) and/or water/methanol injection. To get the most benefit from these fit them before you have the remap (preferably a custom one).

There is a guy on here (Devonutopia) who has fitted a PD130 engine to his Fabia 100 BHP TDI, then done all of the above mods, also injects NOS and Propane to the mix and gets 260 BHP.

Remember to think about improving your brakes if you are adding more power to the car and obviously tell your insurance company.


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Apr 22, 2008
Without doubt the most benificial mod you'll get is a remap, on your fr it'll take it from 130bhp to around 170bhp if you use a reputable company such as Revo or custom code. It'd cost roughly £300-400, pointless getting a custom map until your ready for a hybrid.
Going from there a decent air filter, either panel or induction kit would improve things and a straight through exhaust (de-cat, mufflerectomy etc) would also help things out.
The last thing before you go hybrid would be a bigger front mounted intercooler which improves the thermal efficiency of the air entering the engine.
There are smaller mods like egr removal pipes and oil catch tanks that help the running of the engine but yield little performance gains.
Fitting "bigger" injectors wont make a difference as the 130,150 and 160 units are all the same, just programmed differently. If you want to do anything with the injectors then you should change the nozzels, this is not a cheap mod (recently it was mentioned that they cost £600+ for the nozzels alone and they are like hens teeth) but you wouldnt need them until your producing around 225bhp.

A hybrid can produce around 225+ with the right map but the first things to consider once running this power are:

Much better brakes
A high performance clutch
Better engine mounts
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