1. LCR pick-up improvement - suggestions?

    Hi all, Happy with the power of my LCR (revo stage one) but the pick-up could be better. I've thought of a replacement airbox filter or a full induction kit, do these make a difference? Cheers JONNYVT
  2. Tdi 'improvement' mk4 ibiza

    Hi guys, Kinda new to this turbo diesel thing (just got an 06 plate ibiza fr tdi) and looking for some help. Im looking to get good gains, but dont have enought money for a hybrid, yet...... Well next month the car is going in for a remap at vagtech, thought id get a stage one out the way, now...
  3. jwfcms

    Handling improvement?

    Done a few things to the car but nothing to help the handling apart from the coilovers. Seems to understeer alot, and is crap in the wet. What tyres would you say without breaking the bank. What would you recomend to improve the handling? strut brace - anti roll bar ?(rear)? Whats the...
  4. What an Improvement to my MPG !!

    The following information is not endorsed and cannot be recommended to anyone. But hey it was an accident and it worked for me !!! About a year ago I had a moan on here that my Leon Cupra TDi's mpg had fallen by around 4-5 mpg. I simply couldnt get back to the same numbers on my way to work...
  5. Has anyone ever measured the improvement from brake upgrades ?

    Just wondered if anyone had actually measured the improvements given by various braking upgrades. While I've done a couple of 312mm conversions myself and can feel an obvious difference, I wondered if anyone has ever done any testing on stopping distance improvements etc ??
  6. Romeoisgraham

    BSA driving improvement program

    Got a letter in the other day.............says I was stopped for careless driving (debaitable) but it says i will be spared prosecution and any points or fine if i attend a BSA driving improvement class (2 days) which cost £175. Any of you done this or heard of this? Is it like alcholic...
  7. Earth improvement query

    I've done a search as I remember reading something before about improving the earth connections on the car throughout the engine bay, but I couldn't find anything. Basically I would like to know what benefits (if any) improving the earth connections will have? Also where are they? and...
  8. Pabs

    Reason for BIG Improvement in MPG... anyone care to explain/guess?

    Hey peeps, Not to jinx myself by posting this (i hope) but just recently I've been seeing something I can't explain. Usually, I'd be lucky to see around 330-350 miles to a tank of petrol. Over the last month or so, I am now getting around 370-400 miles to a tank!!!! Another thing - I...
  9. sssstew

    mpg improvement after some miles

    Hi all Well my thoughts are being confirmed with the more miles i get on my car, its now approaching 50k. Every so often me and emma drive from Milton Keynes to Tavistock in Devon which is about 250 miles of which about 1/3rd is A roads to Swindon and the rest is motorway. I like to drive...
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