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MK4 ibiza 1.8T 20v dump valve.


hi, got an ibiza 20vT a few months ago and was thinking of getting a dump valve. been told it wouldnt make much noise tho. is this true or any1 know what one to get or any info?? the car is just standerd with no mods, cheers.


Active Member
Mar 19, 2010
Because people will hear it and go

"****, I can hear a maserati around the corner, lads."

"Ah no, it's just an Ibiza."


will just a cheap open cone filter work lol and how much these dump valves cost? cheers.
Mar 20, 2009
Largs Scotland
Forge 007P is around £90 well it was when i bought mine. Im going for a green cotton cone it is pretty dear but they are big and have a good airflow i think Damoegan done some logs if i remember and they were an improvement over his cheapo halfrauds filter.


Apr 19, 2006
South Greece
Everyone would love a bov in his car mate. Unfortunately bov and performance on our engines is a no go...

therefore as Damoegan already said...a 007 or 006(i got a 006 instead of a 007 due to its size.Hypotheticaly it is a bit louder due to size they say...) with an open cone filter will give you that whoosh sound.

Not the same as a bov but it reminds you , that you have a turbo engine lol.

remove your N249 too and the whoosh will be even louder.


Active Member
Feb 26, 2015
Hi guys I'm looking at a seat Ibiza 1.8 fr petrol, I want to get a dump valve that cho cho chos, I have no clue what it's called other than that, I don't know much about turbo cars but 1. What is the correct dump valve called for that cho cho cho sound and 2. How and where is it fitted. Also what good would a k&n filter do for it either filter box or cone or maby a forced induction?


Team Creatine
Jul 19, 2009
Cheadle, Cheshire
Dump valves don't work great on these motors, mine came with one on and I took it off after a while as it made it really jerky and down on throttle response.
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