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  1. Dump valve/diverter valve. Help?

    I have a Leon cupra 180, and i wanted to get the Forge Split-R, i want the hissy sound of the dump valve and this seemed like a good option as supposedly it would stop the car going into limp mode due to being partially a dump valve and partially a re-circulation valve. Since joining however...
  2. sambryant

    dump valve hose

    hi all. does any one know were i can get 2 new hoses. im talking about the hose from the charge pipe to the dump valve. also the smaller hose from the charge pipe to the n75 valve. its for a lcr. also forgot to say do the older type tips for the audi tt 225 fit? thank you all
  3. Oil in Diverter valve

    Hello I've not had my LC long so have been checking a few parts to make sure it's running well. It has a forge dv relocated to the cold side, which i had removed to clean, but it is very oily and i think there could be problem, possibly with the PCV? does anyone have any ideas? the car...
  4. hudson82

    what dump valve for lcr???

    waiting to collect my lcr and want to get a few bits ready for it. so was wondering which dump valve would be best for it and what youre opinions are. thanks
  5. D--R--E--W

    Dump valve

    Really new to all this, is this any good clicky
  6. ljpacey

    camshaft solenoid and n75 valve

    hi fellow ibiza drivers (Y) well lets start my 1.8 20v fr was runing awesome untill a coil went so i got a new one and its still was the same :L so i replaced the hold lot and it was still runing boggy around 3000rpm :confused: so i have the spark plugs out to see if they had carboned up and...
  7. Jamesrowe

    Dump valve spring

    Hey all, I've got a mk1 LCR which is over boosting, peaking just above 22psi and settling around 18psi (which i've been told is high). When i bought the car, the person i bought it off said it was completly standard apart from a dump valve. A couple of weeks ago i got a liquid gauge and...
  8. mat_106

    lost boost after metling and braking a n112 !!

    right as you may have read my other threads im still stuck and getting really annoyed with it now. other day i was driving about giving it some and after that i had hardly any boost, looked under the bonnet and the n112 thingy bob had the connection melted of it from were i had done my n249...
  9. CJRamze

    Cupra with Standard Recirculation Valve?

    Hi All I had a fantastic call off Admiral informing me that Adrian Flux had told them I was using a BOV, I corrected them and stated it was a Re-circulation valve but confirmed I had one. Admiral are telling me now this is classed as a performance part and they cannot insure the car with it on...
  10. forge/awesome dv valve on cupra 180?

    has anybody tried one even though the stock one seemed to work fine? Im wondering if there is a noticeable difference. Purchasing one this week but Im feeling im getting excited to find theres no difference, first mod n all to my cup
  11. lcr dump valve

    alright chaps, planning a dump valve seen the forge spliter, baileys dv26 and a turbo smart kompact but dont know whats the best any 1 got any of these? there all the twin piston 1 the leon uses aye? cheers
  12. 16 valve conversion

    hi, can anyone tell me wat is involved in the 16 valve conversion, at the moment i have a 2.0 litre 8 valve, i have done alot of engine swaps in the past but mainly just the same type of engine going back in, or can anyone suggest another conversion?????
  13. olliep

    EGR valve on constant vacuum??

    Hey, just had my car in for some diagnostics. one of the things that they picked up on was that my EGR valve is under constant vacuum... where as it should be under intermittent vacuum. This means very little to me so could someone explain what, why and how? and what the implications could be?
  14. MK4 ibiza 1.8T 20v dump valve.

    hi, got an ibiza 20vT a few months ago and was thinking of getting a dump valve. been told it wouldnt make much noise tho. is this true or any1 know what one to get or any info?? the car is just standerd with no mods, cheers.
  15. mouse1989

    dump valve recomendations

    As there are so many choices of dump valves for a cupra mk4, is there any recomendations on which one to get? Any input it much apprecaited. Mass:)
  16. n75 valve on my mk leon cupra

    can i bypass my n75 valve?
  17. Ali_Hayes

    Forge spacer blow off valve

    Any one no a thread that shows how to fit the forge blow off spacer cheers
  18. DannyC87

    Dump Valve Chatter / Turbo Stall

    Hi guys, My brother has an S3 2.0tfsi. It is a standard car and has started to chatter when coming off the throttle instead of dumping air; sounds as if the DV is not operating and the air is being forced back through the turbo..not good! Is there any way to test the OEM dumpvalve on these...
  19. Best dump valve for fr tfsi on experience

    Hi I'm looking at getting a dump valve for the car but I'm unsure which one to get and wondered if anyone could give me advice based on experiance. I'm not lookin to spend a fortune though maybe up to £75 or something. :)
  20. Dougy

    Dump Valve Springs

    Hi guys well as I have boost issues i'm just looking at every angle I took my Forge 007P off tonight and put on my standard DV to make sure it wasn't leaking. First thing i noticed is my standard DV was doing the chatter which indicated I put it the wrong way round which is fine. Now when...
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