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  1. hks ssqv blow off valve

    hi guys. can any1 tell me if the hks ssqv blow off valve works well with the cupra r? and wud i have to get it mapped agen with a new blow off valve. cheers ash:)
  2. Seat Adam

    N239 or Inlet Manifold Changeover Flap Valve

    Also known as the Anti Shudder Valve. My car is a 2004 Leon Cupra TDI PD150 with 109K miles on the clock. Basically, my shut-off valve is sticking and is stuggling to re-open after engine switch off. I have had a look and can see the vacuum actuator working, just the quarter turn arm, bracket...
  3. Fault code 17608 boost pressure control valve

    Hey. Can anyone just confirm something for me. The managment light came on and I got the following code: 17608 boost pressure control valve Is it a fault on the boost pressure control valve sensor?
  4. lynchy

    exhaust and dump valve

    i have recently bought a leon cupra 1.8t and im itching to get an exhaust on it! i have looked at a custom made one from AAS, straight through from manifold but was wondering how loud it would be? anyone done this etc? video? also i was wodering which dump valve is recomended? thanks again
  5. Mashburn

    N249 valve fault and fluttering noise!

    Hi guys Im getting fault code 17608 which after a few searches tells me it relates to the N249 valve. Can this be fixed without doing a bypass? If so how? And ive also got a 'fluttering'/'chattering' sound when i let off the throttle. I take it this is related to the fault code? Also it...
  6. seat altea egr valve

    hi have just had warning light come on dash and had it checked an its come up egr valve and garage said needs new one and nearly chocked when they told me the price to replace is there any way of sorting this its 2 litre tdi sport on an 04 thanks
  7. LCR/Cupra Recirc valve HELP!!!

    I know the law is to buy a Forge 007p However I have a 'similar' internet branded recirc valve arrive today, It came with 3 springs, The thickest one was already fitted, However I swapped for the middle sized yellow one.. My car is remapped and has stage 2 mods,... I installed the...
  8. eco-tech powerboost valve?

    Have finally figured out that this is what has been fitted to my leon since I got it. Have figured out how to close it off so its not doing anything now. Will it do anything to my car, detrimental or otherwise?
  9. egr delete valve

    hi, since i've been having trouble with my egr valve.. i'm considering a delete valve instead.. just thought i'd ask if this is good idea.. cheers stu
  10. DEAN0

    PD130 - EGR valve

    OK - been doing some searching and experimenting to disable the EGR valve. First try : Just remove the vacuum line and block it. (This brings on the engine fault light) Next idea : Remove the pipe between the EGR and the exhaust manifold and blank both ports but leave the EGR...
  11. helppppppppppp my dump valve doesn't make any noise

    Right folks am i stupid or wats going on? :S I just purchased my forge 007p dumpvalve and there is no noise at all with it. My car sounds the same as before and theres not evena slight noise. do u know where im going wrong or have i expected more than wat i thought would happen...

    Solenoid Valve Issue

    Hi All, I'm in desperate need of some advice regarding an issue with the Emmissions related Solenoid control valve for my MK4 Ibiza 1.9 TDi FR (30K miles on clock, 2006 face lift model). The valve stuck open just before Xmas after I stupidly stalled the car pulling away at my works car...
  13. Delete N75 Fit Bleed Valve - ok ?

    I believe my N75 valve is playing up as I'm getting boost surging (std 1.8T). So instead of buying a new one at £60 why can't I simply fit a £25 Forge bleed valve ? I understand I can't raise the boost by much before the ECU interferes but surely its a worthwhile mod. Thanks
  14. gezmeister

    N75 valve upgrade

    Just wondering how many of you have upgraded the n75 valve to an n75J? Is it worth doing to a standard car, or more worth doing after a remap?
  15. deann

    Dump valve and spacer..

    Hi guys. I have the Mk2 Faceflit 2.0T Cupra. Anyone got any part numbers and costs for a dump valve and the spacer that makes the wooosh noise? Many thanks guys. And Merry Xmas to all.
  16. n75 valve problems

    since having my car remmaped its been playing up when accelarating in 5th or 6th gear the boost starts fluctuating i can hear the tune of the turbo changing as well it doesnt seem to be holding a constant boost i have tried unplugging the MAF but its still the same i have also checked around the...
  17. egr valve - mot requirement?

    Hi all The egr in my 2.0 tdi dsg needs replacing - need to get it done, but my first MOT date is first thing in the new year - ive read other threads about its only there to prevent shudder on shut down so my questions are 1). will i need the egr replaced for the emissions test (or anything...
  18. NI3K

    cupra tdi egr valve?

    any suggestions for websites to source EGR valve from? recently had engine management light on which showed up as egr valve, we took it off cleaned it and put it back on but since then engine management coming back on, startup is a bit rough for first couple of seconds and can be a bit jerky at...
  19. K3mist

    shift solenoid valve code

    Has anyone come across an error code that points to the shift solenoid valve? My Leon TDI went into the garage last week to fix the coolant temp sensor, after the Engine Management light came on. Today on the way to work it pops back on and the garage has said that the error code is now...
  20. Which dump valve shall I go for?

    Hi, just bought my 2002 leon cupra which is my first turbo car. I'm looking to buy a dump valve but the prices seem to range alot and I can see the difference between the ones for £45 or the ones for £130. Can anyone tell me the difference and which dump valve is the best to go with...
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