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  1. weird noise forge 007p diverter valve

    hi al i recently bought a forge 007p diverter valve i put it on the other day in place of the bosch plastic one i took the car for a test drive to see if all was ok when i let off the throttle the 007p makes a weird ping noise when blowing off it works fine but is this normall i thought they was...
  2. rod the sod

    N75 valve - pd130

    hey just had a custom map on my hybrid pd130 and have been told there is a boost problem and that it could be the n75 valve! can some one enlighten me on these and wat they cost and if they are easy to change etc? cheers
  3. Ant FR

    Do these sound like symptoms of a blocked EGR valve

    Ok, cupra PD160. 55k on the clock. I am finding i have a lot of smoke on full accleration. I have had a tweeked 130 in the past and know whats normal and i don;t think what i have is normal at all. Also it can be very very laggy in 2nd gear say when you come on to a roundabout. And i...
  4. Newbie help on buying a Forge valve for someone! HELP!

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a Forge Blow off valve (i think!) a friend of mine has been looking at these i belive its the spacer type? I have had a look on the Forge Motorsport website and there are two types One which looks like its for the Cupra model And one that looks...
  5. idle control valve ?

    hi can anybody tell me where the idle control valve is on my mk 1 leon 1.6 8v. i have no idea where it is. :think:
  6. air leaking from dump valve??

    Hi, after reading everyones comments I finally went out and swapped my splitter for a 007pm feel like I've finally got my old car back as its responding a lot better but can hear what sounds like air escaping when I accelerate, have checked all the piping and seems to be fine.... Is this normal...
  7. diverter valve

    whats the best divierter valve for my cupra,keep seeing forge mentioned,currently have a hyperboost hxc compact,dont want atmospheric though.
  8. N75 Valve

    Quick question guys.... what valve does the mk1 have? Thinking of borring my mates to rule out if mine is faulty or not (I think it is).... also, how do i find out what mine is (I understand it's C or F)
  9. revere

    Possible leak on a forge re-circulating valve !

    1st off, hi all, I'm new on this site cause I just bought a Seat Leon Cupra R 05 plate (40K on the clock), remapped to 270BHP, with a forge re-circulating dump valve and a K&N panel filter. The car has a forge re-circulating dump valve and today I noticed a sound that didn't used to be there...
  10. dump valve????

    I currently have a forge spltr connected and although my car hasn't been goin into limp mode like others said on previous threads it still isn't responding as well as it did before I put it on there! Thinkin I may go for the 007 instead! Is this still a blow off valve? Could someone please...
  11. egr valve

    Hi, having had my ibiza cupra tdi in the garage, i've found out my egr valve's sticking, causing the performance to be a bit lumpy.. can this be easily cleaned out, or would i be best to either replace it.. or use one of these by-pass system's i've seen.. cheers
  12. forge diverter valve

    Hi, just put a forge diverter valve on my leon, seem to have lost a fair bit of power from my car! Thinkin I may have adjusted it wrong, do I need to turn it clockwise or anti clockwise? As far as I'm aware, turning it one way will reduce the amount of air it circulates and blow more out of the...
  13. tgorman

    Help With N75 Valve - 1.8T

    tried to adjust the n75 to get the boost to come in smoother ,but it sent my car into limp mode (wasnt going over 0.5bar and hard to gte over 4k revs ) i then put the valve back to normal but it still didnt work so i just though i would have a go with it backwards and the car worked perfect...
  14. Which Forge Valve?

    I am new to hear and new to Turbo's i am the proud owner of a 1.8t 20v cupra and loving the car. i have looked on here and am unsure of the differance between the following please could someone help? i do not know with one to get and what the pro's and con's are of each, i looked on forge.com...
  15. wayne lcr

    seized valve cap

    does any 1 no how to get a ceased valve cap of without damaging the valve:cry: and also i got a lcr and its deloveped a flat spot any ideas what it could be any help to either would be greatfull thanks
  16. RabReith89

    Dump valve Coldside Relocation

    Hi guys am thinging of doing the coldside relocation for more dump valve noise is this a hard job, If anyone can talk me thro this it would be great Thanks Rab
  17. Best Dump Valve Help Please

    Hi all i need some help whats the best dump /recirc valve to get for my mk1 leon cupra 180 bhp its got a k&n panel filter and a cat back corba sport exhaust system someone said a bailey dv30. my car seems to have alot of lag and also who does the best re-maps to get the best out of the car...
  18. TJenkos

    Identify the dump valve

    Could somebody identify this dump valve, and what spring I should have in it please? The car as it stands has; stage 1 remap, milltek exhaust, TIP, Uni intercooler, Jetex filter.. It currently has a green spring, is this right and is the dump valve recommended?
  19. KingAnt

    Waste gate, recirc valve or dump valve?

    Hi guys i am on a post frenzie lol this is the last for today... honest anyway need your advice as i dont no what to do here, i dont no what to buy out of the above, i no a dump valve just dumps to the atmosphere and does nothing for power etc, i currently have the a forge recir valve...
  20. Mr Roboto

    N75 Valve Question

    Regarding the N75 which I need to replace. Is it worth investing in the ECS race N75 valve or just stick to the standard SEAT one and save about £20?
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