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  1. English

    diesel dump valve

    Im looking for a dump valve for my 1.9 tdi leon whats the best one to buy and wheres the cheapest place to get it from.
  2. andyc58

    ecotec valve

    hi people do you think an ecotec valve would be worth getting.does anyone no how much it helps fuel out by.??Any input would be nice
  3. dump valve seems to sound when under heavy driving sometimes?

    Without lifting my foot off the pedal, any ideas what this could be or has anyone has this happen? Thanks or am i just going mad?
  4. Jerry*

    Newbie Question re: Forge Recirculating Valve.

    I've read lots of stuff on the forum about how many people have fitted the replacement Forge recirculation valve to their vehicles with great interest. I have some questions though which I can't seem to fathom out - hope people can help me? Is this the kit that most people fit...
  5. N75 valve for performance

    Hi, I have a 2005 Ibiza FR with Revo software. In dyno it showed 218 hp and 340Nm. After that I have installed Forge TIP and a better breathing aif filter. Now I'm thinking about getting a better N75 valve. Either N75J or H. The original part number should be 1K0906627D. I have tried...
  6. Shaunyboy

    Recirculating valve

    I found this on flea bay - http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/NEW-VAG-1-8T-Replace-Recirc-Blow-Off-Dump-Valve-BOV_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ300325165872 What do you all think, i cant afford a forge due to the engine rebuild but want to change th DV aswell as the n75 as i had intermittent boost problems, its...
  7. Diverter Valve Relocation Kit

    Anybody purchased one of these? Do you reckon it's worth it? I'm going through the standard DV's like there is no tomorrow and think having it relocated will keep it away from heat and make it easy to change.
  8. Small tank/reservoir behind dump valve

    hi guys, i am trying to find out what the small tanks/reservoir thing that looks like a dump valve that sits behine the dump valve is. thanks David
  9. Pressure loss through Dump Valve

    hi guys, i fitted an induction kit this week and have been able to hear a few thing now. firstly i have been having a vag.com issue with the dump valve which is making the car not start and when it does, the revs ride all over the place and wont let me touch the gas. secondly when i am driving...
  10. RabReith89

    Is my N249 valve bypassed??

  11. marv_n69

    Dump Valve or Diverter Valve

    Hi All, I have recently bought a 2004(54) Lean Cupra R 225. I have just picked my Forge 007p diverter up from the post office and when coming to fit the valve, the current one on the car isnt a Black Plastic one so i assume its an after market one(non-standard). How do i know if this is a...
  12. VAG.COM Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!)

    hi guys, the other day the car started messing around, when i came to a stop the car wouldnt start and when i did the revs were all over the place. tonight it did the same but before i turned the car off i noticed that there was hardly any boost and the turbo wasnt spinning up like normal...
  13. L14M_T

    Blanking egr valve

    have anyone tried in the past on a 1.2 or any other ibiza applicable,on the throttle body there's a EGR input with causes hot and contaminated air into the intake system. What id like to do is take the pipe off the throttle body and let it vent external and make a blanking plug so the throttle...
  14. jonnyblease

    Jerky when cold or not on boost N75 valve

    I bought my cupra a few days ago and i have not had anything turbo before so was not knowing what to expect. anyway once the car is warmed up at around 90C its fine in the lower revs its a tiny little bit jerky before boost and as it comes onto boost but its hardly noticable at all. As soon...
  15. marv_n69

    Standard Bosch Valve

    Hi All, Has anyone out there got a picture of the standard Bosch valve that is on the Cupra R 225? When looking for mine over over the weekend i found what looks like a metal diverter valve, so not sure if the Lean i bought already has an uprated valve. As i have a Forge 007 on order i am in...
  16. Can i fit a Dump Valve

    hi guys, can i fit a DV to my leon 1.8t, i have read alot about DV's on leon and these comments pretty much say not to fit one as it will mess up the managment system. can anybody confirm this and if so what els are my options. thanks David
  17. Remap booked. Will a forge valve invalidate my warranty?

    Hi Booked in on Wednesday for a stge 1 remap on my cupra petrol with p torque. I'm loving it at the moment, its just its a bit quiet! I was wanting to get a forge recirculating valve and a green panel filter but will they affect my warranty? Thanks
  18. N75 j valve on standard car

    Hi everyone. Since buying my leon 20v turbo with snapped cambelt i`ve had nothing but trouble. Although it has never broken down so i still love it. I have never been impressed with it`s performance but it recently got worse and worse and was making a horrible ticking noise. Nows the time to...
  19. Dan_Biza_Boi

    help n75 valve were is it

    if antone can help me i am looking for the n75 valve on the ibiza 130 tdi as my dinostics is telling me it has gone does anyone no what this looks like and were thanks my mate has a leon and i can see his but think its a diffrent set up cheers dan
  20. ibiza staff

    dump valve

    hi, ive got an ibiza fr 1.8 20v turb wanting to put a dump valve on it. i want a bit more of a whoosh, what is better an atmospheric dump valve or recirculating dump valve? and what make would u recomend for not too much money? cheers
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