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  1. 17705 - Pressure Drop betw. Turbo and Throttle Valve

    Yes I know there are lots of threads about this! But found a thread on briskoda.net where a chap pointed this out: "I've now sorted this. Turns out that it is a pipe, which on mine was hidden behind the sump guard. Its one of those pipes with a metal bit on the end that slots into another...
  2. kilobrown

    N75 valve

    ok this is going too sound realy stupid but what does the N75 valve actualy do as mine has snapped off where it joins on too the T.I.P, doesnt seam to be much of a differnce although i havent been driving it much :confused: Have ordered a new one just waiting on it comming from the stealers but...
  3. Bazzle

    PB valve before 4 Bar FPR??

    Hey, iv got a 4 bar FPR fitted to my Ibiza cupra, But theres a power boost valve fitted in line before it and i see no reason for it? Iv searched and searched and cant find anyone else on the forum with one. When i come to remove it the car wont run. Is it because my standard cupra pump isnt...
  4. who can disable my egr valve in my ecu? around essex.

    hi guys, have got a 2004 biza cupra tdi, have fitted an allard egr removal pipe and it has bought my engine management light on. have read up on here that it can be disabled electronically inside the ecu, am just wondering if anyone knows where around essex i could get this done? before i get...
  5. w8scc

    BMC-CDA to top of recerc valve??

    Hi guys.. I need a little help.. today I got my BMC CDA kit for my car.. and there is a little breather pipe coming out of the actual new air box. now.. could you connect (t-peice) that to the pipe that comes off the top of the recerc valve (forge 007)?? or am i just being stupid and...
  6. need N249 valve

    I need a n249 valve has anyone got one for sale my fell of it bracket and got melted by the turbo:cry:
  7. Rael

    Dump Valve on a diesel?

    Is this possible? Has anyone got one? Is it worth it? I had one on my old rover turbo and loved it (little bit of a show off) and where i can hear something chirp quietly when i lift off, sometimes i think i'd like something just a bit louder. A hesitation I do ave though is that it would go off...
  8. seatcupra2001

    Forge splitter split-r dump valve

    Im thinking of getting a forge spliter dump valve ive read a few earlyer post's but there a bit older is there any new advice about getting 1? i dont want the big woosh :D but the recircilation sound can i get that with it? also the main thing wat can go wrong?
  9. Removed SAI valve - what about these sensors?

    Hi, Just finished removing my SAI, was getting the incorrect air flow fault on vag com and an EML ! removed the valve and put in a plate. Havent cleared the fault on vag com yet but i'm hoping I wont get the anoying light anymore........ anyway, question is What shall I do with...
  10. Coil packs and EGR Valve

    I have had problems of late with Coilpacks going and have had all 3 replaced, and last night another one went (Its a 1.2 3cylinder 2002 Ibiza) Previous Diagnostics have pointed at the EGR valve being faulty also and there is a slight loss in power and a feint juddering when cruising (which...
  11. Need pics on a 2.0 8v with a power boost valve fitted

    please please please i need pics on a 2.0 8v with a power boost valve fitted ive had mine for ages just want to give it a go
  12. N249, combi valve and secondary air pump

    Folks, My secondary air pump is full of rusty water, and as dead as a dead thing that's been deaded a couple of times to make sure that it's dead. I've found various people who say that the likely cause of this is a faulty combi valve, letting exhaust fumes into the pump, which condense in...
  13. Forge 2.0t Diverter Valve review (long)

    taken from here but Vry good http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3336171
  14. cus

    dump valve relocation

    i relocated my dumpvalve to my throttle body a while ago.. no problems, but found it was catching on my bonnet. and rattles when my engine is turning off. its also took some paint off. i've not got the dumpvalve underneith the throttle body, instead of on top, and its changed the sound of the...
  15. jordyboy004

    power boost valve??????

    just been offered one for £25, what is one lol. is it just another name for a dump valve or if not where does it go and is it worth buying
  16. Richie-LCR

    squealing recirc valve

    Hi just picked up my new lcr this morning and have found that when you let off the throttle rather than have the normal woosh of the recirc valve i get a squeal like an old bed spring lol what would be causing this? would i be needing a new spring or a rebuild kit? would like to keep the...
  17. fuzzgeller

    dump valve direction?!

    hey guys had the leon at the garage an when it came out i noticed he had turned the dump valve around.......question is what way should it be an does it matter?! it was in with the smaller pipe looking upwards now it has been turned so the small pipe is coming out sideways?!?! does it matter...
  18. redcupraboy

    P1421 secondary air injection valve circuit short to ground

    Hello everyone, I drove to work this morning and got a light up on the dash, so had a look in my Scangauge to see what code was stored for the fault,it showed P1421 secondary air injection valve circuit short to ground is this code anything to worry about? And Im guessing maybe it would be a...
  19. Throttle Valve Angle

    Hi, recently I've bought a KKL cable for my Arosa 999cm3 (1999) , and VAG-COM showed following error: :blink: 1 Fault Found: 00533 - Idle Speed Regulation 09-00 - Adaptation Limit Surpassed So I've cleaned the throttle body and this error disappeared. I did the adaptation also. Before...
  20. Which Cupra R Recirc Valve?

    As the Proud owner of a new LCR, this car is my first turbocharged car and i've always wanted that "dump" valve noise. I'm caught between the Forge 007p and the Splitter R Recirc Valve, What are the major differences between the two and which is louder? Also, how hard is fitting either (Im a...
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