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  1. DKershaw

    Rear washer not working

    Hi my front washers are working but my back one is not. I have checked the boot and it is not wet at all so is there any other stuff i can check to see if the hose has popped off any where else..........thanks in advance Danny :blink:
  2. RS6

    Rear Spoiler thoughts

    What do you think of this boot spoiler is it :ban:
  3. mk4 rear wiper

    Hi, i know this is a known fault on ibiza's , polo's and fabia's but any ideas on how to stop the screenwash hose blowing off the motor/ or the joint before that (behind the o/s/r/seatbelt mount) would be appreciated.. I've tried wrapping ducktape around the hose that plugs into the motor...
  4. NickLCR

    NickLCR's Red LCR225

    Hardly have any photos of it, but thought i'd start a topic now i've actually started to go somehwere with it. So here it is, my 2005 Leon Cupra R :) Current Mods; Neuspeed P-Flo Induction Kit Powerflex DBM Bushes KW V1 Coilovers Alpine iDA - X305 Head Unit Future Plans; Milltek...
  5. Annoying. Vibrating rear view mirror.

    Had a bump in the Altea six weeks ago. When the car came back from the body shop recently the rear view mirror has an annoying vibration which wasn't there before the crash particularly when crusing along the motorway. Is there any way of stopping this myself by tightening etc. Any suggestions...
  6. Rear ARB bracket broken :(

    hey guys, my rear ARB bracket is broken, on the near side, is this a part which is easily replaced? if so do you think i good bit of welding will surfice? any help would be great oh and merry chirstmas Matt :)
  7. Removing/replacing old front (rear) wishbones with VT-ones

    Merry xmas to everyone... I´ve just removed the lover arms on the front susp. to replace the front (rear) wishbones to VT ones (supplied by [email protected]) Does anyone know how much pressure is needed to remove the old ones and to replace the new ones. Guessing I´m needing a hydraulic press...
  8. tinting rear quarter windows

    You know these windows are plastic mould obviously to accommodate the door handle, can any tinting companies tint these windows are will it be too difficult?
  9. ConradJellyfish

    Has anybody fitted this ebay fabia rear wiper kit?

    Evening All, I Know on the auction it says Leon, however has anybody actually bought this kit from this particular seller, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110472318842 As want one, but dont wana take the plunge if its a crap kit. Cheers, J :)
  10. RaggedLob

    Rear or front speaker upgrades for an Ibiza MK4?

    Own a MK4 Ibiza 3dr, and have bought a Sony Headunit and some £40 FLI Integrator 6 17cm coaxials, together with some dynamat. My original plan was to put these speakers in the rear, and leave the front ones because they are actually OK, but having read some threads, i am having second...
  11. Newbie with rear wiper problem

    Hi all, Newbie here. We've had an Altea 2.0TDI DSG for a week and the wife has managed to break it already. She was told tonight that the reverse warning light is not working and she also figured out that the rear wiper is U/S. I'm guessing they're on a shared fuse, but which one?? The manual is...
  12. Water leak in boot - NOT the usual rear washer problem

    Hi, Has anyone else had the following water leak. Have searched but can't find reference to it (amongst the hundreds of references to the rear washer line leak). I've got water collecting in the offside rear of the boot. Have taken the trim off and it's collecting in a cavity below the...
  13. Fabia rear wiper

    Helloo. Have put a fabia rear wiper on my seat leon and when going over a rough bit of road I have began to hear a really annoying rattle. Tracked it down to the wiper moveing. Moveing up and down on the pivot it has to follow the window. Has anyone else had this problem and any idea of...
  14. 2006 Cordoba - rear lights

    This maybe a really daft question, but a forum search and a lot of trawling through Google hasn't helped. Are the rear lights on my 2006 Cordoba the same as the rear lights on the mk4 Ibiza? I'm after a replacement nearside rear light - the one that sits on the bootlid. They look the same...
  15. EmDee

    Stock LED Rear Lights (First ever?)

    Okay, so you may have seen the MK1 Leon LED taillights floating around on Ebay. I liked the idea of them because they looked pretty stock, so I bought a set. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when they showed up because they didn't look as OEM as I'd hoped. The crystal lenses are a...
  16. How do you fit a Fabia rear wiper!?!?

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