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removing rear bumper


No longer a Newbie
Aug 12, 2006

Don't normally post in this section but a friend of mine has an Altea and is wanting to remove the rear bumper so he can fit parking sensors. Can anyone help with some advice on how to remove the rear bumper, for example where the mountings are and how to get access to them as apparently it is not obvious?



Full Member
Apr 12, 2006
UK, Essex
Try searching under 'towbars' or similar - quite a bit of info. Seem to recall it was quite straightforward to remove bumper when I fitted my towbar, but can't remember where the bolts where (old age!!).


Active Member
Mar 16, 2008
Remove the rear lights. ( 2x Tx25 screws and thumbscrew inside) Remove Tx25 screws. 2 under each lamp. 5 down each side of the bumper (1 going upwards on each side). 6 or 7 underneath. (can't remember) Then pull the corners out. (might take a good tug) Should come off then. The centre bracket might not want to give it up though, so it might need a bit of force to pull it off. :D
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