1. Is Altea XL Front bumper can be swapped with Leon bumper

    Hello, everyone. So i had small accident and ruined my front bumper. I was wondering, does the Leon front bumper would fit for Altea XL? My Altea XL is 2007, and Leon is similar time. Thank you in advanced for answers and help.
  2. JJNorth11

    Wheel Spacers & Rear Trim

    Hi All, Couple of what I'd hope are quick questions for you all. Currently looking to put some wheel spacers on my cupra 300, I've got the standard 19" alloys that it came out the factory with and have found the vagsport spacers linked here ...
  3. Managed to catch my front bumper on a thin tree while reversing... how bad is it?

    Hi guys I hope you are all well. Long story shot I managed to catch the front plastic bumper of my Cupra ST 300 on a very thin tree that I neglected to notice while reversing. This wee tree caught against my bumper and scratched it and pulled it away from the car a little (luckily no metal was...
  4. Leon Cupra bumper fitment to Leon FR 2016

    Hello all, Searched the forum before I made the topic, could not find the answer so I am asking now about this. Is it possible to fit a Cupra Leon front bumper to a regular 2016 Leon FR? It seems like the only difference is the plastic that replaces the fog lights and it has 5 cutouts under the...
  5. andreisev

    Seat Leon MK1 Facelift Bodykit

    For sale I have this facelift kit complete, in LS7Y colour. Few scuffs and marks but nothing major. Collection only from Greenwich or SS4
  6. Hit a badger and my front radar sensor hanging off!

    Hi I was on route to work this morning only to unfortunately hit a badger. Being that they're tough little things I thought it would have caused damage to my car but thankfully it hasn't. After closer inspection it seems it's knocked the front radar sensor out of place. I've been looking around...
  7. Ben.Wylie

    MK3 Leon Cupra Diffuser Help

    I have recently received my Cupra rear diffuser for my Leon which will have an FR rear bumper. Does anyone know if the diffuser will fit my bumper? Or know of where I can find this information? (Diffuser is from Maxton Designs) Cheers in advance.
  8. MOT NI headlight washers problem

    Hi, this is my first ever post so I’m not sure if I’m posting this right haha but I was wondering if any of you smart people out there could help. I have a Leon FR mk2 facelift and I need a new front bumper. I want to change to the cupra one the only problem is that the Cupra has headlight...
  9. Ohly

    HELP! Bumper replacement (from stock to aftermarket)

    Hi guys n gals I recently bough some aftermarket cupra bumpers for my leon stella mk1. (front, back & skirts) The thing is, im having trouble removing the bumpers because theres a few screws i need to remove. But i don't know witch or exactly where... I removed 3 or 4 screws right under the...
  10. wanted front bumper for exeo sport

    hi, as above if anyone knows where i can get a front bumper for 2009 exeo sport 2.0tdi 170 please let me know cheers Daz
  11. nightflight

    Bumpers Guide - Removing Rear Bumper

    This isn't that difficult, time consuming, took me maybe 3 hours to remove and replace as an amateur (tbh, took slightly longer but that's because I had extra time figuring it out) This is on a 5dr but I don't see the being much/any difference between the versions, perhaps the 3dr might have 1...
  12. Lozzy15

    Bumpers Cupra/Leon 280 (2014) rear bumper removal

    I was in the process of fitting a new rear diffuser to the car and it became obvious that i would have to remove the bumper to do this. I took a few photos and the rest is wordy but hopefully it will help you if you have to take off yours. HEADS UP - to remove the rear bumper you have to...
  13. Lozzy15

    Bumpers Front Bumper Removal - MK3 Leon

    Hi guys & gals, Here is a how-to to remove your front bumper. This is an easy task and will take around 20 minutes to remove, usually a little less to refit. The tools you will need are: T40 & T25 Torx bits Flat bladed screwdriver To begin with, pop the bonnet. Above the central grill there is...
  14. W44DUP

    Bumpers Leon MK3/5F Front Bumper Removal Guide

    Here's a quick removal guide for removing the front bumper for the MK3 Leon in photo form. Let me know what you think! Any questions? Ask away...
  15. Seat ibiza older to newer bumpers

    Hello guys I was wondering if it was possible to swap the older 2002-2005 seat ibiza bumper with the newer 2006-2008 bumper(front and rear and side if there is a difference)?
  16. Shane94

    Any decent exhausts that fill fit the standard 6l1 bumper?

    The exhaust fits in behind the bumper and is hidden from view and doesn't like it would fit any standard exhausts without cutting the bumper.
  17. iammooks

    Leon front bumper/grill to bonnet gap adjustment...

    About seven years ago I was involved in a front end crash. After the repair, I noticed that the bumper and grill have never sat as flush with the bonnet as they used to. It was something that always bothered me, but I didn't know enough about cars then to be able to say anything or do anything...
  18. iammooks

    Non-spray bumper repair?

    This is why we can't have nice things... Brighton is full of a-holes - I've never had so much damage on my car. From scrapes on bumpers to people hitting the driver's side while turning in the road. This is the latest. Someone drove into the back while the car was parked, splitting the bumper...
  19. Where can I find this diffuser and side skirt extensions???

    Does anyone know where I can find the diffuser (not sure if it’s an aftermarket rear bumper as well) and also the side skirt lip extensions in the other photo?
  20. need help choosing between these 2 bumpers.

    Hi, putting a new bumper on my 2009 facelift seat leon and have come across these 2 bumpers: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264117701220 £173...
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