1. Removing B Pillar Cover?

    Hi. I have a bit of a rattle coming from what seems to be behind the seat belt slider area and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and/or knows how to remove the cover? I try to avoid messing with the interior trim but...! :mad:
  2. stewbie55

    removing rear bumper

    Hi, Don't normally post in this section but a friend of mine has an Altea and is wanting to remove the rear bumper so he can fit parking sensors. Can anyone help with some advice on how to remove the rear bumper, for example where the mountings are and how to get access to them as apparently...
  3. Removing the centre console surround

    Any ideas the part that goes around the climate control and headunit etc. Pics would be better if possible, need to remove it so i can get it skinned :)
  4. Removing standard DV

    Hey all. Have done a seach but did not find anything about removing the old one. Mine has the old clips on it, so looks like they will be an arse to remove. Any tips so I can avoid slashing/mangling the pipes in the process? Getting it Revo'd soon, so reckon maybe better to get them to fit...
  5. DaNnY_LaD

    Removing Locking wheel nut

    ive been having some trouble to remove my locking wheel nut on the rear wheels...Now the time has come to get them off as im refurbing my wheels.. The woman before lost the key for them and im guessing its a after market setup... What is the best way to remove them as a few garages want...
  6. Removing bits for spraying

    I'm sure these questions have been covered before but i've tried to search for them and didn't have any luck... maybe i'm not trying very hard, or maybe my spelling is shocking. Anyway I have a Cupra (pre facelift). Regarding the front and rear bumpers, do they come apart? I mean does the...
  7. Invisible

    Tips for removing Engine Covers! Argh

    I don't think I have ever had a car where it takes me so long to change the air filter, this should be a 5 minute job!! Admittedly I am being a bit cautious. Ive freed the hoses, unplugged the MAF connector and all ready to be removed un-restricted and all ive been told is pull the engine...
  8. Removing the soundproofing

    I've just finished removing the sound proofing tarmac type tiles from my Ibiza, which was a bit time consuming but not too bad. However, in places (Such as the front of the foot wells) the sound proofing tiles seem to have some kind of silicone stuff underneath, which you can't melt off...
  9. jgy6000

    Removing Boot Hatch Trim?

    Hi all, Have done a search, but cant find a definitive answer! I want to remove the large plastic panel that sits on the inside of the boot hatch, under the rear glass. I have taken the two inspection covers off but cant figure out how it comes off, and I don't want to break anything trying...
  10. Stoker20VT

    Removing Battery

    Need to remove my battery to fit my HIDS properly, but i cannt get that stupid fuse box on the top off the battery off. Is there a certain way you have to take it off? The way im doing it the positive terminal is going to snap/bend. Thanks :(
  11. rsmith

    Removing Brembo's, Update, refurb finshed, pic's inside

    Hi all, How hard are the Brembo calipers to remove from the car, i assume i just remove the pads, undo the bolts and brake lines and thats it.I searched around but could not find much and i have visions of brake fluid going everywhere. Anyone have expierence with this? Ta
  12. yusuf_1977

    Removing mirror covers on 2009 ibiza

    hi mates i am trying to find a solution to remove without harming the mirror covers to have them painted in piano black or silver grey. :help:
  13. Removing the Interior Bonnet Protector ???

    Hello, i have seen many pictures in the forum where users remove the protector from inside the bonnet. Is there any risk on doing this ?? Many people here at home have told me the paint will be ruined due to the heat of the engine. Is this true ?? Besides looks is there any advantage doing...
  14. Removing Outer CV Joint

    Hi guys, having a bit of trouble removing an outer cv joint. I have removed the hub off the stub axle but i can't figure out how the cv joint comes off the driveshaft. Can anyone help? (have tried the search)
  15. luke c

    removing adjuster cups still stuck

    Had a go at removing the adjuster cups on ap coilovers and even with reading guides i cant manage to get it right :confused: . Can some please tell me or show me on a pic where the car has to be jacked up from to make the car have no weight on the two rear tyres
  16. jason-jm

    removing ashtray to wire gauge??

    how do I remove the ashtry as I want to wire my gauge into it, makes more sense than trailing wires to the ignition etc
  17. DanLewis1991

    Removing the S badge

    wanna smoke my rear S badge, how do you remove it fvrom the tailgate? has anyone painted theres? any pics? cheers dan
  18. Cal91

    Removing passenger seat?

    Easily done? Anyone done it? I understand it's 4 bolts. Reason being is that I want to mount an amp for my speakers under there. :p
  19. Willie

    Removing ESP/TCS

    Has anyone been looking into removing ESP/TCS. I know it won't be for everyone but my specific needs are slightly different to most. I'm hoping it's just a case of ripping out some bits and disabling these with VAGcom but fear it's not going to be that easy. People with differentials...
  20. Cupra_R04

    Removing inner trim

    Hey guys looking to do my battery reloaction and fitting wiring for heated seats. What i need to know is how do you remove the plastic trim on the inside of the car ie the lower plastic sills inside all the doors. Part you step over or some may even stand on any advice is greatfully...
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