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  1. shantybeater

    Removing Front Bumper

    Hey im trying to remove the front bumper, is their a tutorial or something I can look at. Tried searching but nothing is coming up. Ive removed the arch lining screws and the ones in the engine bay. But theres something somewhere in the middle of the bumper holding it on?
  2. Removing the S-grill on front

    Ok, the title says it all. I tried to do a search and didn't find any good answers/advices that would have helped me.. :) I would really be glad if sum1 would give me step-by-step advices. Do I need to remove whole bumber, or is it possible to remove the s-grill without removing the bumber...
  3. Removing headlights - easy???

    Tdi Ibiza 2005, how easy is it to get the headlights out as i really wanna dry them out completely as there is some condensation that will not dry out in the corner and its bugging me. Is it a one man job or am i likely to need help. any help apprectiated. just found the search facility...
  4. Cupra_Wayne

    Is it possible to fit a abs sensor without removing the wheel?

    Garage has lost my locking wheel nut but are claiming it wasn't in the car and they fitted the sensor without removing the wheel. He said they had it up on the ramp. They did it at the beginning of last month so it's probably long gone, only just noticed its missing now. It's not even my car...
  5. Craig Senior

    Removing gear gaiter?

    How do you remove the gear gaiter? I am trying to replace the gearknob on my Altea but can't work out how to get access to it. I didn't get any joy from the Altea owners and it doesn't look too much different to the Leon. On the Mk1 Leon you just released the 2 catches and the gaiter came...
  6. Craig Senior

    Removing gear gaiter?

    Has anybody removed the gear gaiter from their Altea. I want to fit my SEAT Sport gearknob but can't work out how to get the gaiter & suround off. It was very easy to remove on my Leon.
  7. Removing towbar - what do I need? (free towbar to someone!)

    Hi folks, Bought my Leon tdi a few weeks ago with a towbar already fitted. Never tow anything so want it removed, is this going to be a pain? Its got the electrical socket too. The rear bumper has also been cut into (the lower part), are these bits expensive to replace, dont really want...
  8. Phil K

    Removing scratches from glass

    Removing scratches from glass - can it be done? Not sure if it is possible but the Mrs used the LCR the other morning and when clearing the frost from the glass she has managed to put a couple scratches in the back window and a few on the front... I doubt much can be done with the front as...
  9. __B3NNY__

    Removing Inlet Mani / Rocker Cover

    This weekend im hoping to do a few bits to the car including polishing my inlet mani and rocker cover. just wondering if anybody has any hints or tips on the best way to remove the 2. Is it a hard task to complete? Is there anything that is likly to go wrong that could end up in a big repair...
  10. Removing ECU

    I might go for a P-Torque remap while they have the special offer on but can't make the trip up there. They say you can send them your ECU and they will remap it and send back. :funk: Has anyone removed their ECU before? I have done a search but not found anything. I don't even know where it...
  11. Damoegan

    Removing scuttle panel

    I need to know how to remove the scuttle panel on my mk4 ibiza so I can pass the hose through for my boost gauge. I've been searching for ages but cant realy finde much. :help:Can anyone help me please
  12. myseatcupra

    removing doors

    i need to take my door off. i just wondered if any one know if the the wiring that comes from the door in to the car. is there a plug on it. as id like to leave the door panel on and not remove all the wiring in the door.
  13. Timmo-88

    Removing Radio

    Are there any guides anywhere or can anyone explain. I've got the keys which i think are right but I just can't get it out.
  14. Removing the speedo section

    Hi everybody! My buddy is about to make me an electronic boost gauge. It will be with 15 orange-red diodes matching the rest of the car. They will be placed in this row: http://www.espeloev.dk/dash.jpg But, I have to check for clearance behind the unit. So, what will happen if I remove...
  15. Guinness

    Removing the inner metal door card

    Right yes I know this has been answerd before (dont shout at me rash lol), i have read the one helpfull thread that said I get how to take off the outer metal door card the plastic one, but need to take off the metal one. So my first question is how to I take the glass out? presuming that...
  16. removing vinyl stickers

    got myself a little runabout and doing few bits to bring it back up to standard. im sorting all the bodywork out tomorrow. the cars got some old stickers on the rear quarter pannels that dont seem to want to peel off. these are an eye sore so need to come off. anyone know of an easy and quick...
  17. josh263uk

    Removing the Horn

    I have done a search, but cant find what im looking for. I want to remove the horn on my 57 ibiza, but dont know where to look in the engine bay for it.:confused: The reason I want to take it out is it sounds a bit week, and I intend to fit a better stronger horn to the car. Thanks
  18. ** Removing Clocks?? **

    Hey, Anyone removed there clock (& maybe changed the 'bulbs')? Any info' on how to remove them? Cheers
  19. Nutkin

    Removing bumper to change foglights.

    Ok im doing a little project to replace my foglights with LED strips. so that 1. I can switch them on easily :) 2. I can look like an audi/astonmartin. with the nice led day time lights. Now i recon im going to have to take the bumper off. so how would one go about this. Im...
  20. removing bumper parts

    hi there couldnt find the information i was looking for in the search area. basically i have got a cupra bumper from a 2004 model. how do i go about removing the little covers on either side corners of the front part of the bumper. the little round covers cheers
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