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  1. F8 CMR

    Removing scrathches on window?

    i got my car back after gettign warranty work don to find the window scratched! they arnt taking any responsibility for it therefore i have 2 sort it myself. does anyone no of any products which would remove the scrtaches before i invest in a new window? cheers
  2. _chris_

    help with removing water injection

    Need a bit of help for my mate, he has just brought a ibiza cupra with revo stage 2 and it has got some sort of water injection on it. he wants to remove it because we dont know if it been set up correctly, i believe the timing has bee advanced just over 5 degrees, what is the best/easiest...
  3. NI3K

    removing front bumper on Leon Cupra TDI pics

    Was wanting to change my headlight unit for a new one as part of it was cracked. couldnt see many pictures of a cupra tdi being dismantled. i took these pics as i was putting it back together as when taking it apart was pretty much winging it. anyone have any ideas why the sidelight would be...
  4. removing car battery

    hi guys, my car battery has packed it in. i have no jumper cables nor someone to help me jump start but i do have a battery charger. i need to remove the car battery obviously but the battery has this black box attached on top with four cables (3 red and one black i think) been searching to find...
  5. DaNnY_LaD

    Removing LCR Front bumper

    Ive searched but coming up with nothing that i wanna now.. Im wanting to take the LCR front bumper of tomorrow...How exactly do i do this am i right in sayin theres Fixings in the arch,wing,underneath the bumper,Near bonnet catch and foglights? How do the fog light grills pop out? Any...
  6. lawrieIbizaMk4

    removing mk4 standard aerial

    yo all, im trying to fit a bee sting aerial to my mk4. when i try to remove the existing one it reaches the end of the thread and keeps spinning, guess this is an anti-theft thing, any1 know how to get it off? help much appreciated
  7. Removing roof lplastic peice

    Hi Everyone Please can some one help out not sure if its been posted. But I want to remove the peice of plastic by the interior switch that you use to open the sun roof. The piece of plastic looks like it could have a hands free speaker in it or something. My issue is that it rattles and...
  8. mitch2028

    Removing front helper springs from coilovers

    Anyone done this? any side effects? Its no power house...more of a low and slow affair so not too worried about handling.
  9. Nef

    Removing lower fog grills

    have done a search but nothing, How do i remove the lower grills that are around the grills, its on a 02 LC, i remove the single screw and pull, but not sure where the clips are and dont want to break them.
  10. Nef

    Removing Side Repeaters/Indicators

    Can anyone give me any advice on removing the side repeaters, thanks
  11. Removing aftermarket dumpvalve

    Hi, How easy is it to remove an aftermarket dump valve and put back to standard. Does anyone have a diagram for the piping etc? Just want to get the car stock as I'm still undecided whether to keep the car or go back to a Jag. This dam dump valve is the only aftermarket thing in this car.
  12. Aimez

    Removing headlight switch

    Hi all just noticed my front fogs are coming on every time I turn my headlights on the switch appears to be not working right and feel stuck, how the heck do you get the it when I take the fuse box panel off I still can't figure it out and might break something, plus I need to wire this to my W8...
  13. Removing and replacing electric door mirrors

    I managed to get hold of replacement door mirrors for my 99 Toledo V5. These are the full electric ones (adjustment and parking). Does anyone have any tips on removing the original (nearside is the most important). It's not clear, looking at the replacements, how the whole unit is secured to...
  14. Urgent Help! - Removing Engine Cover

    Guys I'm trying to install a Pipercross panel and can't get the enginer cover off. I've searched the forums but nothing specific to my problem. I've unclipped everything except this clip: http://s895.photobucket.com/albums/ac153/fyfe9/?action=view&current=09122009043.jpg...
  15. Removing bonnet and rear bumper trims...

    Guys, Are these trims screwed or riveted on or do they just snap in and pull off? I havent been out and looked yet but if anyone know's it would be helpful! The 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre vinyl has arrived from Germany (found a cheaper place in the UK now though) so was going to have a play...
  16. removing steering rack (how)

    hi guys as some of you no im stripping cupra for bits full car . i would like to no how to take steering rack off. any guides or pics will be great any help will be appriciated
  17. Daft Question - Removing Rear Ligt Cluster

    Hiya Daft question, I want to change the orange indicator bulbs with silvervision ones. I had a look at the manual but when I try to remove the rear cluster, it seems to be catching on something and I just can't work out how to get it off. Can any of you help me out? Thanks in advance
  18. Removing seats

    I have a seat ibiza 03 plate. Bought it 3rd hand. I am trying to remove the seats in order to really clean plus both the passenger and driver seats folding forward mechanism is broke. Anyone have and idea how to remove then as I have looked and I seem to have found a couple of nuts that look...
  19. Removing door panels

    Hi am new here. Was looking to see if there are any instructions/documents for removing the drivers door panel. Window is sticking on something and i can't get it up. Cheers
  20. Removing Washer Bottle

    Hi there! Im looking to remove my washer bottle to hide my HID ballast behind it like other members have done however iam having problems getting it out. I removed the 2 plastic bolts circled in the pic but it seems something else is holding it in place, i wiggled it for a bit but no...
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