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  1. sick2death

    removing soundproofing?

    Was thinking of removing the soundproofing on my LCR's bonnet. Is this a common thing to do? Is it a bit noisy without?
  2. ChrisUK

    Removing Lower Dashboard

    Hi all, Sold my Leon now, guy is coming down Sat to pick it up. I need to take out my hardwired Sat Nav and Road Angel though 1st, which means removing the lower dash. I used a guide on here a few years back to do this, but cannot find where it is anymore. Can anyone point me in the...
  3. Removing "foreign" paint scuffs from bumper ?

    Hi guys, On my partners car, she has a paint scuff where another car has caught the corner of her bumper while pulling out of a car park space (and just driven off) !!! :( What application or solution do you think will be most effective at removing the paint scuff from her car (its...
  4. Benzy

    Removing front grill

    hi guys, just quickly wondered how easy it is to remove the front grill on a mk2 leon? and if i need and special tools or if a crowbar and hammer will do the job :p thanks
  5. Removing Aura Head Unit

    Hi Ive bought the keys from halfords, ive bought the european ones, i dont know where to put them in the head unit as it doesnt have any holes, its a cupra r and im tryin to fit a cd changer cheers
  6. cupra-gaz

    removing injector seats?

    hey all, does anyone know how to remove the 4 rubber injector seats? from the inlet manifold? thanks
  7. zach225

    removing lower part of airbox

    hey all, just a quicky, as title says, need to remove airbox, top is easy but there is a weird bolt thing where it connects behind the battery, i have tried pulling but dont want to break it, any info please
  8. Removing rear Bumper on a FR

    Hi, Has anyone seen a guide or have pics of how to remove the rear bumper on an 06 Ibiza FR? I need to get mine off to fit a towbar Thanks
  9. itsmefishy

    Removing Indicator repeaters

    Is there an easy way to remove the indicator repeators? i want to replace mine. Cheers chaps, fish
  10. Removing Pre facelift fog light?

    How do you remove the plastic surround on the fog light for a prefacelift bumper? I see there is a star shaped screw, but this appears to be what holds the fog light in does the plastic casing just pop out?
  11. CD Changer Removing...

    Hi all, Im wanting to take my cd changer out of the glove box to gain more space as its tiny. Is there any plastic cover or plate availiable that will slot in the space of the cd changer once removed? (you know on the same lines as when you fit one when you change the standard...
  12. DanLewis1991

    Removing Calipers?

    hey guys im looking to remove my callipers to paint them, whats the best way to remove them? pics would be great! thanks, Dan
  13. vroomtshh

    Removing front seats

    Does anyone have any advice for removing the front seat? I'm going to do mine this week to clean them/under them and any help is appreciated
  14. NickLCR

    Removing Rear Seats

    Thinking of throwing them out for the trackday in a few weeks, but would taking them give more felxibilty to the rear end without putting a rear strut brace in? I doubt I could get a rear strut made up in time for the track, and not really wanting to take the rear seats out if it looses a bit...
  15. Removing MK5 Ibiza front door trim

    Guide now located in the new resources section of the site https://www.seatcupra.net/forums/resources/removing-mk5-ibiza-front-door-trim.9/
  16. roloking1806

    Removing front door trim

    Sorry if its been covered - please give me a link straight away if it has :) or tell me the correct search criteria!! Just wondering if anyone can tell me where the clips are around the front door trim - just so i know where to put the old flatheaded screw driver without breaking the clips...
  17. Chocozai

    Removing front panels.

    Hi all. I've made a right pig's ear of installing my centre chrome vents and now need to take the whole damn thing off to get to the vent units, which are now helplessly bobbing around. I've found some descriptions somewhere on how to do it, but I'm afraid it's nowhere near specific enough...
  18. Removing mirror caps - help needed!

    Ok so Leon goes back on Tuesday so I need to undo the small mods. Just removed black grille, now need to take mirror caps off. Thing is, bodyshop swapped them over for me so no idea how to take off. Just tried credit card in gap to no avail. Can someone advise please? Just off to take...
  19. Removing Plastic console by handbrake

    I was trying to remove the plastic console by handbrake and gearstick and after taking the 2 screws in the cup holder and the 2 under the gearstick the console altho loose did not come free. I did not like to force it so just wondering how it should be removed??? Thanks
  20. Removing a remap & selling on

    The missus has finally worn me down- we're selling the Cupra for a more family orientated car. (Alfa 159 Sportwagon incase you were wondering) So, before it goes back to the stealer, I was wondering how I could remove the remap & possibly sell it on. Or is it a case of thanks for the...
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