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Removing Locking wheel nut


Big Turbo Leon Cupra R
Jun 2, 2007
ive been having some trouble to remove my locking wheel nut on the rear wheels...Now the time has come to get them off as im refurbing my wheels..

The woman before lost the key for them and im guessing its a after market setup...
What is the best way to remove them as a few garages want nothing todo with it..
This is the nut in question...


no smoke no poke!!
Jan 18, 2009
i got mine out with a large star head tool. a few gentle taps with a sledge hammer to put it in place and took it off with socket and ratchet. dealer should also have a full set of locking keys if its an original lock nut
Feb 26, 2009
My local Kwik fit removed mine for a fiver cash, there are still garages out there that will do it for you. I've no idea what they used, but it was noisy!!


status subject to change
socket over only works if there is sufficient clearance around the bolt. many alloy designs simply dont give enough space.

your in manchester.. i know a place in leeds that could get it off in 2 mins.
Dynomec Ltd, Unit 5, School Street, The Potteries, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 1NJ, UK

Tel: (+44) 01977 520 666 Fax: (+44) 01977 510 333
he sells kits, which are not cheap, and the AA use these.

However if you visit he will get them off for you for a very reasonable small fee.
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