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  1. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33697.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca Brembo brake option and wheel close up
  2. SierraTango

    Scotland (Central Belt) Recommendations for 4 Wheel Alignment?

    Hey folks, Replacing all 4 tyres to Michelin Pilot Sport 4's (finally!:dance:) this week through Blackcircles and wanting to get a Hunter HawkEye 4 wheel alignment done to make sure everything is in check. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get this done? Based around...
  3. Seat Leon fr184 strange shaking when driving

    So I got a leon fr 184 2013, I have a stage shaking when I drive low speed high speed doesn’t matter, what’s strange is the shaking comes and goes, it shakes like 5 seconds after that is smooth like 5 seconds than shaking comes back and so on, I can feel the shake around 20-30 mph, but anyway is...
  4. 18” cupra wheel size

    Hi, I have looked for what spec wheels people run on the cupra when they buy 18s and I’ve struggled to find any post with this information. I found the stock 18s wheel size for the 265 but I want the wheel to fit better, would anyone be able to help? Ideally I want team dynamics 1.2 pro races. TIA
  5. Flaktoaster

    Steering Wheel Options

    Hi chaps. Had a quick search, but i couldn't find any threads asking/answering these same questions. 1. Was there ever a MK1 model that came with a multi-function steering wheel? I don't see any. 2. Because -afaik- it's very close to a MK4 Golf, can i fit a Golf/Bora/Passat Highline wheel with...
  6. ChocoMilkShark

    Diamond cut repair help!

    Hi all, i need to repair my alloy wheel and it will need to be diamond cut. Does anyone around the Essex area have recommendations as it’s quite expensive. Thanks
  7. 2008 Ibiza Mk4 1.9 TDI ABS problem

    So I've had this problem for a while now and need some help diagnosing further. I will put a disclaimer right here that I do not have a huge amount of knowledge or experience in car mechanics so am very much a novice to these things. All the info I have right now is from investigating myself and...
  8. Thev5

    Rear Wheel Bearing Change

    Hi All, I have a noise coming from what I think is the rear nearside wheel. From what I can gather I think the wheel bearing is on the way out. Would I be right in thinking that you have to replace the hub as well due to the bearing race’s being integrated? I’ve seen some on ebay for £35...
  9. looking for a wheel

    Had a tip with a kerb and need to replace one of the standard alloy (see pic) anyone know where to get one reasonably? Im not allowed upload a pic here untill i do 15 posts, its the factory standard 17" 5 spoke with a lip on the edge of each spoke. its that or buy a full set of aftermarkets...
  10. Righttoe

    Wheel Adapters

    Hi guys, just wanted some opinions on quality/strength of adapters Been looking at Hubcentric VW to Porsche adapters made from billet steel because dont want to pay for Alloy ones and steel ones dont strip threads like alloy ones apparently? Anyone had experiences with hubcentric steel...
  11. worzel

    Standard alloy wheel weight?

    Hi, does anyone know the weight of standard LCR alloy wheels? I own a nice example of a black LCR (2005) and have seen some nice 19" rims, but they seem cheap, so can only assume this is because they are really heavy, so want to compare.
  12. Wheel Fitment....

    Hi guys, Can you get a spacer that will change the stud diameter from 5 x 100 to 5 x 130 or is it too much of a difference? just the wheels i want are a 5 x 130 fitment :( Cheers for the help guys Tweedie
  13. Shiny Steering Wheel?

    Dont know if i am putting this in the wrong section but here goes - this has been annoying me for a while now, the steering wheel of my car has become shiny and i would like to know if there is any way of making if look matt again. Any advice is appreciated!
  14. Spare Wheel?

    Can somebody please tell the the size of the spare wheel for my car (Ibiza Formula Sport) because the one that it has just now is too big cos it will not come out without taking out the trim off at the boot lip and pushes out the vents at the back of the wheel well :( The size that is currently...
  15. steering wheel melted??

    im not sure how its happened but the top of my steering wheel looks like a bald tyre. its been like new since i bought it but suddenly it melted after driving to birmingham. anyway.... what are the options for replacing it? can i fit an aftermarket one? or a mk3 one?
  16. wheel pcd and et for 05 1.6

    anyone know the wheel details for a 1.6 referance? fancy stickin on a new set of shoes
  17. Cupra wheel colour?

    Managed to get myself some Leon cupra wheels for my ibiza PD130. Just been out in the garage, sanded down half a wheel and got bored. So ill be getting them powdercoated tommorow :lol: Suggestions on colour though? My car is silver...
  18. Changing front wheel bearing

    Hi everyone Needing to change as it has gone how hard is it to change and do i need any special tool at all Thank craig
  19. max size spacer with standard wheel bolts

    hi what is the max width spacer i can use on standard wheel bolts. was hoping 5mm would be ok.
  20. Wheel refurb-north east

    Hey up, I was wondering if anyone could help. I'm after getting my wheels done and had 'romax' in Northallerton recommended to me as they are supposed to be top notch, however I can't find then in Northallerton. Found another wheel refurb place there but not romax, had a search on here and...
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