Removing standard DV


Hey all. Have done a seach but did not find anything about removing the old one.

Mine has the old clips on it, so looks like they will be an arse to remove. Any tips so I can avoid slashing/mangling the pipes in the process?

Getting it Revo'd soon, so reckon maybe better to get them to fit it at the same time? I'm a bit cack handed :p


Sep 6, 2008
Whiteley, Hampshire
The one use clips are a bugger to remove!! i got a small screwdriver under them carefully and stretched the clips till they broke or i could get the pipe off its a long process if you dont want to damage anything

hope this helps


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The clips are not reusable, so you can either cut them apart gently with diagonal cutting pliers or carefully release them with some thin nose pliers and a thin screwdriver and replace them with jubilee clips when you fit the new one.
If you have the tools its a half hour job at most


ok cheers guys, I will have a go when it actually stops raining.
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