1. maciek.snow

    altea XL roof rails --> Altea Std ?

    Hi Guys, This might sound silly/dumb, but I'm deeply considering fitting XL roof rails to the standard version. Anyone maybe did or thought about that already ?. Don't want these sh**ty roof bars that go under the door seal. Already have couple of ideas, but would be good to hear if someone...
  2. Current Leon Cupra equipment as standard

    Hi all, Been lurking around for a few weeks, I'm looking to order a Leon Cupra 300 from Seat Warrington on the lease deal they have on currently, but everywhere I look I get different information on what is standard on this car now. There don't appear to be any reviews online since the virtual...
  3. weitec and standard suspension help

    Hey all, Brought some weitec suspension second hand, and i had seat sport suspension on my car, the front was ok, but on the rear the 3 nuts what hold the top mounts on have got a different thread. Just wondering, with new weitec kits do they come with the nuts? Or do nuts of standard...
  4. Standard intercooler airflow

    Has anyone tried to increase the airflow into the standard intercooler to make it flow better? Im thinking of experimenting with opening up the grill infront of the intercooler on the Tolly Already put on a good make tuning box and cut the cat out, egr is on the list next and if it ever...
  5. worzel

    Standard alloy wheel weight?

    Hi, does anyone know the weight of standard LCR alloy wheels? I own a nice example of a black LCR (2005) and have seen some nice 19" rims, but they seem cheap, so can only assume this is because they are really heavy, so want to compare.
  6. RS6

    Standard Alarm not working cupra r test

    I have a 2002 seat leon cupra r not had it long checking the handbook today says it has alarm immobliser so i thought i would test it on the drive way i opened the drivers side electric window, and locked the car as normal waited till at least a min for the flashing light on the door...
  7. max size spacer with standard wheel bolts

    hi what is the max width spacer i can use on standard wheel bolts. was hoping 5mm would be ok.
  8. Decat on standard exhaust

    Has anyone replaced the Cat on their LC Mk1 to keep the standard exhaust, if so what does it sound like? Also where can i "consider" getting a replica exhaust to the one i have from a aftermarket source like Miltec etc etc Thanks
  9. ovni ibiza cupra t (standard..... for now)

    heya people well been a member on here for a few weeks now and owned my ibiza for about the same amount of time. It is completely standard but my first few mods arrived in the post today. Got a ths intercooler kit to fit, aswell as a stack boost gauge and leon cupra r splitter, also plan on...
  10. Does anyone know if they have an immobiliser as standard?

    Just a quick question, hopefully someone will be able to tell me!! Am looking at buying a ibiza 2l gti 16v (1997) my insurance company wont insure for theft unless it has an immobiliser! Does anyone know if they do as standard? thanks alot
  11. Noisy standard dv

    Does the standard dv on the cupra make a noise On a standard car? Mine seems to make a loudish noise like a 'tshh' car is on a 58 plate
  12. Removing standard DV

    Hey all. Have done a seach but did not find anything about removing the old one. Mine has the old clips on it, so looks like they will be an arse to remove. Any tips so I can avoid slashing/mangling the pipes in the process? Getting it Revo'd soon, so reckon maybe better to get them to fit...
  13. Can you mate performance down pipe to a standard exhaust?

    I have totally stock exhaust currently on FL Cupra (single oval exit pipe). I understand that a turbo back exhaust does little for performance so was wondering if you could fit a turbo down pipe to the standard back section? I am looking to go St2+ but if possible, would this be too...
  14. cupra-gaz

    tyre size on standard rim?

    hey all, the time has come for some new rubber but before i order i am just wondering if i could put a wider tyre on the standard cupra wheels, i currently have 195/45/16, would a 205 be ok? cheers
  15. CJRamze

    Cupra with Standard Recirculation Valve?

    Hi All I had a fantastic call off Admiral informing me that Adrian Flux had told them I was using a BOV, I corrected them and stated it was a Re-circulation valve but confirmed I had one. Admiral are telling me now this is classed as a performance part and they cannot insure the car with it on...
  16. -=Rob=-

    Standard Replacement Pagid Pads

    Does anyone run the OE Pagid pads on the front of the Cupra? I know a popular combo is DS2500 front / Pagid rear, but I don't think I need 2500's as I don't track the car or do any major braking, are the Pagids up front ok? Cheers...
  17. help !!!going to retro fit sub amp feed from my standard head uint

    seat leon mk1 right i have all the bits required and know where to put all cables just iv been searching for the picture i have seen of the labeled hu (head unit) rear connection plug for the speakers for a couple of days and im getting no where with it as want to do the mods this weekend...
  18. MacFever

    Brake options with standard FR wheels

    My car needs better brakes but I dont want to change my standard FR wheels (I like them a lot) Can I fit the Seat race brakes together with wheel spacers and if so how much mm must they be? Other options ? Thanks
  19. keirravn

    is this a standard lcr exhaust?

    hey ya'll I polished the exhaust on my LCR a couple of days ago, and I spotted this on top (pic taken after a country drive so excuse the mess ;) Ok sorry I cant figure out how to post a picture, duh! what i was meaning to show is that the exhaust has 'milltek sport' stamped on top of...
  20. FINCH

    Standard or Modified????

    hi, i've been looking into buying a cupra or cupra R, just want your advice if i should buy a standard or modified example even though i have plans to modify standard one anyways. if so can anyone set up some price ranges i.e 60k miles - 210bhp - £4000 60k miles - 156bhp - 3300 etc...
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