Current Leon Cupra equipment as standard


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Hi all,

Been lurking around for a few weeks, I'm looking to order a Leon Cupra 300 from Seat Warrington on the lease deal they have on currently, but everywhere I look I get different information on what is standard on this car now. There don't appear to be any reviews online since the virtual cockpit became standard (at least in English anyway).

I'm going to test drive a 67 plate one tomorrow and from the photos, this doesn't have a start button to start the engine, yet every photo I find of the interior in reviews and Seat's marketing material they all have start buttons in the Cupras.

Could we please get a list together of everything that is standard on the Leon Cupra 300 2018 model?



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Jan 8, 2015
It's probably easier to list what it doesn't come with! The major missing things are the winter pack, keyless entry and adaptive cruise control. There are others, but those are the ones you might "expect" it to come with and be surprised when it turns up. As said above, the start/stop button only comes with keyless entry (as without it, it's just a standard turn-key). Most interior marketing shots will be on a car that has everything (so you'll also see it'll have the heated seat buttons which are an optional extra).
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