1. Dan's Standard Mk 5 Ibiza Cupra

    Soon to have spoiler n maybe skirts if i can make my mind up if i like them.
  2. swoosh225

    What bar is the standard LCR FPR

    Hi all just a quick question my mate has just given me a 4 bar FPR for nothing.Was just wondering whether there is any point changing the one on my LCR.Ive just fitted a forge FMIC and a decat pipe, would i notice any benefits replacing the FPR.:shrug: Thanks in advance.
  3. Does the Ibiza have TCS as standard?

    I noticed in the Ibiza brochure and on the website it implies that TCS is standard fit. Can anyone confirm does the Ibiza have TCS if you dont have the ESP option fitted?
  4. are these ok to use with standard......

    .........dampers i need new springs as mine have just failed me on my MOT as one is cracked, so thought it would be the perfect time to was just wounderin are these springs ok with standard dampers, if so which ones are best, thanks, craig...
  5. AP_V5

    RCA-PC3-11 - RCA output from standard HU

    Hello! I have a 2001 Toledo with the navigation system headunit and wondered if anyone knows if this RCA-PC3-11 would be suitable for this headunit as I would rather use one of these than a speaker level to low level adapter.
  6. ibiza_95

    19mm Gudgeon pin rods and standard pistons

    I have a set of forged rods, with the 19mm wrist pins, and a set of standard pistons to suit. While i got these at a decent price im left wondering whether i should have waited and got some of the 20mm pinned rods. The pistons are standard units and came attached to the rods. Can anyone...
  7. Is the standard radio head unit attached to the under tray?

    Hi there, Im getting a 7" in car DVD touch screen system for my 2004 SEAT ibiza 1.4 that replaces for old standard radio. I have spoke to Halfords and they said yes, it will fit with a harness adapter for an extra £12 which is all good. BUT, they did say if the radio unit is attached to the tray...
  8. How to remove the standard radio??

    Hi there, I have a 2004 Seat ibiza 1.4 S. I have the standard factory fitted radio still in it but I really want to buy one of those flip up dash DVD/Radio media centre 7" screens to replace the SEAT radio. IS it possible 2 remove the radio on the halfords guide only listed up to 2002, I hope i...
  9. gex18

    Standard Actuator Opening Pressure

    Does anyone know what it is? I have searched but can find no info on the MK4 section, and only this one thread on the MK3 section : ttp:// Any info MUCH appreciated :) Many thanks Anthony
  10. sgtcortez

    Seat Leon Cupra R Front Splitter on standard bumper

    as it says really. If anyone has a pic it would be appretiated. Ta:D
  11. Are all leon standard spoilers the same size?

    just wondering if that all the spoilers are the same, ie cupras have bigger ones?
  12. MacFever

    Contrast on standard radio

    Does anyone knows if the contrast on the standard radio can be lowered ? I find the red too bright especially at night Thanks
  13. seatcupra2001

    ipod with standard stereo

    Hi all i want to put my ipod touch straight to my stereo i brought this thing from ebay which allows you to run your ipod through the radio is there a way to use wires? coz the sound quality is really crap lol thanks
  14. Sparkie

    Torque on a standard LC with AUQ engine?

    Hey all, anyone know what the standard LC 180 bhp AUQ engine pushes out regarding torque levels? Cheers.
  15. cupraRgstar

    standard backbox

    Hey people, as above i'm looking for a standard backbox for my cupra R but i cant find one anywhere. i've exhausted all exhaust places and online and still nothing. So if anyone knows where to get one or if you know of anyone with one lying about please pm me tried in the wanted...
  16. m0sch

    standard cupra internals ? and what boost ?

    what are the standard rods etc in the cupra engines good for being needing uprating ?? and what sort if boost is the limit you would run as im gonna get mine mapped as running standard boost etc but iv only known fords before this and my fords rods were good for about 280 ish bhp standard and...
  17. Standard ride height suspension?

    My 2002 v5 170 has 103k on it and the suspension is, to say the least, no longer at its best. I need to retain the standard ride height due to a combination of towing, unmade tracks and speed humps. The car only gets used on the road so my question is can anyone recommend replacement road shocks...
  18. delboyuk2005uk

    Going From A Remapped MK2 TDI FR To A MK2 Cupra Standard & Possibly Mapped Cupra?

    I currently have a Seat Leon TDI FR Mk2 remapped with 220bhp and 340lbs or torque. Just over 3 years old on a 56 plate with all the goodies 18" alloys. Sat Nav display, ipod connection, full bluetooth etc. 26k miles I was wondering how much would you think my car is worth. I have seen my car...
  19. quick question, would standard Ibiza Cupra alloys fit over Ibiza Cupra R front cal...

    quick question, would standard Ibiza Cupra alloys fit over Ibiza Cupra R front callipers if i put spacers on? if so what size would i need. thanks!
  20. standard arb pic request.

    for a 180 cupra? a random request i know, but im unsure if my arb is standard or not. was told it was an eibach one when i got the car, but it rubs awful and looks standard. as dirty as the rest of the underneath, plain black with no markings. i was expecting an eibach item to be silver or...
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